The Washington Post Sunday - Sep 19 2021

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Clues Answers
'A cruel thief to rob us of our former selves,' per Elizabeth Forsythe Hailey TIME
'At ___!' (Army order) EASE
'Factotum' actress Taylor LILI
'For ___ purposes ...' OUR
'Got a ___?' ('Do you have a moment?') SEC
'Holy smokes!' WOWIE
'Lucifer' actress Garcia AIMEE
'Please, ___, I want some more' (line from 'Oliver Twist') SIR
'Pop' band, 2001 NSYNC
'Several years ___ ...' AGO
'Such a pity!' ALAS
'This ___ what I had in mind' ISNT
'You're not that far off' ALMOST
'___ on Eileen' (hit for Dexys Midnight Runners) COME
Aberdonian boys LADS
Acorn sources OAKS
Adjust, as a constitution AMEND
Adjust, as a paragraph EDIT
Aid and ___ ABET
Ambitions among friends ... or what seven answers in this puzzle represent? SQUADGOALS
Animals that help free the narrator in 'The Pit and the Pendulum' RATS
Applause for Oklahoma City's NBA team? THUNDERCLAPS
Approaching, in a poem NIGH
Arctic fox's fur color WHITE
Arizona Western College city YUMA
Arranges alphabetically, say SORTS
Australia Zoo bird EMU
Base's counterpart ACID
Board, as a motorcycle HOPON
Boldness PLUCK
Bread made with atta ROTI
Buffalo NFL players who deserve praise? BILLSOFCREDIT
Bygone Iranian ruler SHAH
Channel for many who fill out college basketball brackets ESPN
Chase scene outburst FASTER
Cheer for a team RAH
Chicago's NFL team winning a second championship in a row? BEARSREPEATING
Chilling signs OMENS
Chvrches singer Mayberry LAUREN
Class involving analysis of fiscal policy, for short ECON
Cliffside habitat AERIE
Comedian Rachel who played Barbara Walters on SNL and '30 Rock' DRATCH
Comedian's delivery GAG
Constrictor seen on a branch TREEBOA
Corn unit COB
Cylinders in sewing kits SPOOLS
DEA employee NARC
Dehydration symptoms CRAMPS
Desert that was a backdrop for the sci-fi planet Tatooine SAHARA
Digit on the floor TOE
Disclosures of secret government activities LEAKS
Discombobulates ADDLES
Discord channel visitor USER
Dissertation committee figure, briefly PROF
Do something without help GOITALONE
Drummer Blaine HAL
Externally visible parts of respiratory systems NOSES
Fabric of some jackets TWEED
Film that covers food SARANWRAP
First sitting U.S. president to visit Cuba since Coolidge OBAMA
First two words of a 'Hamlet' soliloquy TOBE
Fledglings' dwellings NESTS
Flower bed surface SOIL
Flower shop emanation AROMA
Gaming beginner NOOB
Great Plains people OSAGE
Greek food truck bread PITA
Greek letter denoting the heat capacity ratio in thermodynamics GAMMA
Group with a practice exam? STATEBAR
Had in one's grasp HELD
Hall of Famers who played for St. Louis's NHL team? BLUESLEGENDS
Happy players on Tampa Bay's MLB team? RAYSOFSUNSHINE
Clues Answers
Hedge ___ (outdoor puzzle) MAZE
Improved, like Edam or Gouda AGED
In addition TOO
Informal attire? DUDS
Informal term for coffee JAVA
Is bested by LOSESTO
Kinda ABIT
Language spoken in Peshawar URDU
Latin word for 'water' AQUA
Leader depicted in statues at the Muzeon Park of Arts in Moscow LENIN
Like many Rig Veda readers HINDU
Like one's arm after sleeping on it, often NUMB
Little battery type AAA
Locale of South Africa's Parliament CAPETOWN
Ludicrously strange SCREWY
Mani-pedi place SALON
Mini-golf club PUTTER
Mix up, in the kitchen STIR
Mobile device features APPS
Mobile studio for a news station VAN
Moisés once on the Cubs ALOU
Musical highlights for Bootsy Collins and Tina Weymouth BASSSOLOS
Name that's an apt anagram of ASTRAL STARLA
NBA, NFL or NHL official REF
Nullified UNDID
Overflows, with 'over' SLOPS
Parishioners' donations TITHES
Part of a geographical chain ISLET
Pass out, with 'out' DOLE
Pass out, with 'out' ZONK
People who celebrate the new year with the Quviasukvik festival INUIT
Performance job GIG
Piece from a composer SONG
Programs sending junk mail SPAMBOTS
Put to bed, with 'in' TUCK
Refined substance OIL
Relative of a ferret STOAT
Reminds over and over NAGS
Request ASKFOR
Rockets Hall of Famer YAO
Rum ___ Tugger (cat from 'Cats') TUM
Sends out, as shadows CASTS
Set of musical notes SCALE
Set of musical notes CHORD
Sharp conflict CLASH
Sits next to ABUTS
Slacken LETUP
Slovenian currency EURO
Sly skills WILES
Sorcerer's spells HEXES
Spiny houseplants ALOES
Style of fiction that Catherynne M. Valente called 'a fairy tale with guns' NOIR
Subject involving DNA BIO
Suck in a big way, like a food critic might? SLURP
T-shirt edge HEM
Tablet software, maybe IOS
Take a seat quickly PLOPDOWN
Teasers for shows PROMOS
Test administered by ETS GRE
The R of P.R RICO
Thurman of 'Prime' UMA
Tie up loose ___ ENDS
Utters out loud SAYS
Vacuum ___ (device for preserving food) SEALER
Venus ___ (sculpture in the Louvre) DEMILO
What pitchers may be made of GLASS
Where one might grab a cab WINESTORE
Winning and excellence, to Utah's NBA team? JAZZSTANDARDS
Winning streak for Seattle's WNBA team? STORMSURGE
Yucky substance GOO
___ predators APEX