- Sep 19 2021

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Clues Answers
''Adverb'' or ''adjective'' NOUN
''Afterwards . . .'' THEN
''Apparent'' successor HEIR
''Chill out!'' COOLIT
''Craft'' brews ALES
''Door's open, come __!'' ONIN
''Gotcha'' ISEE
''Mazel __!'' TOV
''What's more . . .'' AND
'70s tennis star ASHE
10% donation TITHE
2001 Apple debut IPOD
Ancient prophet ORACLE
Anthem contraction OER
Apartment piano SPINET
Arsenal array GUNS
Attended CAME
Autumn apple RUSSET
Barn bundle HAY
Baseball great Ryan NOLAN
Basic bed COT
Be situated LIE
Beau __ (fictional Legionnaire) GESTE
Best possible IDEAL
Bit of a burrito BEAN
Bollywood dress SARI
Breakfast biscuit SCONE
Bull or boar MALE
Buttercup cousin PEONY
Carnival attraction FERRISWHEEL
Cast slot ROLE
Colonial-era fireplace FRANKLINSTOVE
Comic-book punch sound POW
Common superhero opponent MADMAN
Cotton thread LISLE
Daiquiri flavor BANANA
Defensive wall PARAPET
Delivery room datum APGARSCORE
Derisive SNIDE
Disney's middle name ELIAS
Done with OVER
Dough dispensers ATMS
Dutch carrier KLM
Encroach on INVADE
Ending like -ity NESS
Falling-out RIFT
Flashy electrical transformer TESLACOIL
Foot lever TREADLE
Forced absence EXILE
Fraternal group ELKS
Fuss over one's outfit PREEN
Genesis voyager NOAH
Georgia Tech's sports org ACC
German border river ODER
German tennis great GRAF
Goes coasting SLIDES
Heaviest inert gas RADON
Hibachi residue ASH
High-jumping bug FLEA
Highway or byway ROAD
Hole-making bugs BORERS
Hoops great Shaq ONEAL
Idyllic areas EDENS
Incan Empire capital CUZCO
Insignificant MERE
Instant photography innovation LANDCAMERA
Is overflowing TEEMS
Isn't free COSTS
Judicial assistant CLERK
Lab culture container PETRIDISH
Laudatory poem ODE
Leave high and dry ABANDON
Lend a hand to AID
Clues Answers
Less cooked RAWER
Limerick land ERIN
Literary downloads EBOOKS
Loads the soil SOWS
Lone Star landmark ALAMO
Long, long time AGES
Lopsided victories ROMPS
Los Angeles suburb ENCINO
Lunar valley RILL
Made airtight SEALED
Make illegal BAN
Make rougher COARSEN
Makes amends ATONES
Measure of wind force BEAUFORTSCALE
Mentally agile SMART
Mined material ORES
Minor complaint NIT
Most skillful ABLEST
Muscle fatigue ACHE
Mythical giant TITAN
Nary a soul NOONE
Not so good SUBPAR
NYSE debut IPO
Obviously upset RAVING
Orchard products PEARS
Out of the way ASIDE
Outplay BEAT
Ovid's eggs OVA
Park bench plank SLAT
Planning, for short PREP
Polio preventative SALKVACCINE
Pop singer Grande ARIANA
Pops open UNCORKS
Porcelain product VASE
Prefix for bucks MEGA
Previously owned USED
Privileged group HAVES
Rail splitter AXE
Rid oneself of SHED
Riotously AMOK
Robbins, in ''Shawshank'' INMATE
Rum cake BABA
Secluded valleys GLENS
Sharp decline DIVE
Siphons off TAPS
Slangy suffix OLA
Snoring symbols ZEES
Stared in wonder GAPED
Still to be attained UNMET
Storage area for many GARAGE
Strutted like a pony PRANCED
Swedish rock quartet ABBA
Tara surname OHARA
Tool and __ company DIE
Totally unexpected, as a storm FREAK
Touched down ALIT
Trafalgar Square statue NELSON
TV lineup SKED
UN observer group PLO
Using ink INPEN
Vacation rental CAR
Very perceptive ACUTE
Voice of Apple SIRI
Wallpaper purchase ROLL
Wanders around ROVES
Where some of Egypt is ASIA
Whole number INTEGER
Wife of Zeus HERA
Winter coating FROST
Wrangler rival LEVIS
Yale student ELI
Year-end season NOEL
__ serif typeface SANS