Universal - Sep 18 2021

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Clues Answers
"Am I dreaming?" CANITBE
"Asteroids" game company ATARI
"C'mon, I dare you!" DOIT
"Humble" place ABODE
"No Strings Attached" boy band NSYNC
"Oh, sure ..." IBET
"The Challenge" channel MTV
*Landmark with two addresses? LINCOLNMEMORIAL
*Office occurrence INPERSONMEETING
*She played Blair Waldorf on "Gossip Girl" (Theme hint: Notice three letters within each starred clue's answer) LEIGHTONMEESTER
*What acupuncture is an example of EASTERNMEDICINE
Ang with three Oscars LEE
Angelou output VERSE
Assume the role of ACTAS
Boo-boos OWIES
Brainstorming result IDEA
Brew that may be blonde ALE
Bring out EVOKE
Cancel, at Cape Canaveral ABORT
Chemical often used in making bagels LYE
Christina of "Casper" RICCI
Common Whole Foods label ORGANIC
Cut off SEVER
D.C.'s subway METRO
Dance while squatting TWERK
Empire State sch. that Lady Gaga attended NYU
Enjoy enchiladas EAT
Female in a fold EWE
Finishes, as a cake ICES
Fudge the facts LIE
High rollers, perhaps? STONERS
Hodgepodge MELANGE
It ain't nothing but a number, per Aaliyah AGE
Italian peak ETNA
Knight's wear ARMOR
Clues Answers
KOA arrivals RVS
Lane in Metropolis LOIS
Like ham actors EMOTIVE
Makes boo-boos ERRS
Minor criticism NIT
More sensible SANER
Mother who had no mother EVE
Mother's sister, say AUNT
Mothers or sisters NUNS
Nickel or dime COIN
Nile bird IBIS
Opera superstar DIVA
Owned apartment CONDO
Pay the price for? BUY
Perfect diving scores TENS
Pic you can click ICON
Practical and loyal sort, astrologically VIRGO
Pseudonym ALIAS
Singer Celine DION
Slightly drunk TIPSY
Small video recorder MINICAM
Spotify spots ADS
Summit ACME
Surrounded by AMID
They may justify the means ENDS
To the ___ degree NTH
Type of sauce at a sushi bar SOY
Unable to decide TORN
Vega's constellation LYRA
Vending machine inserts ONES
Very best performance AGAME
Web service that offers 15 GB of free storage GMAIL
Weighed down LADEN
What's spotted in Vegas? DIE
Where most people live ASIA
Widespread VAST
Wipe out, or wipe off ERASE
Woody or Buzz Lightyear TOY