L.A. Times Daily - Sep 18 2021

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Clues Answers
"Don't give me that!" PSHAW
"Fire" diarist Anaïs NIN
"Interview With the Vampire" actor REA
"Is that all?" AREWEDONE
"Just say the word" NAMEIT
"Take __" ONE
"Venerable" Eng. monk STBEDE
"What __?" ELSE
"__ cool!" WAY
"__ is someone who understands the responsibility that comes with his freedom": Dylan AHERO
Aberrant way to go ROGUE
Active by day DIURNAL
Be available HAVETIME
Big __ DATA
Bit of fencing RAIL
Boarding site TRAINSTOP
Body of water often defined as above the tree line ALPINELAKE
Brass source EGO
Chlorine and iodine HALOGENS
Circulatory passage AORTA
City at the intersection of I-90 and I-79 ERIE
Connors rival ASHE
Consort of Hephaestus APHRODITE
Convention: Abbr STD
Crack wise KIDAROUND
Crowning ATOP
Deck wood TEAK
Detergent brand ERA
Dispute over intellectual property PATENTWAR
Donatella's designer brother GIANNI
Drilling gp ROTC
Durance of "Smallville" ERICA
Clues Answers
Feature of every story, it's said TWOSIDES
Free TV spots PSAS
Golfer's alternative to balls DISCS
Grab for clumsily PAWAT
Jerry Rice's record 208, briefly TDS
Largely dried-up sea ARAL
Like shouts in texts INCAPS
Little help? ASST
Make back, as initial costs RECOUP
Metalworker's joints SPOTWELDS
Metz pronoun TOI
More than passion MANIA
Nero's country PATRIA
Not seen before ORIGINAL
Org. for those putting it nicely? PGA
Organic roof choice THATCH
Original platform for Doom MSDOS
Place for marks REPORTCARD
Rackets DINS
Request votes from POLL
Roasters, say WITS
Scrips MEDS
Singer India.__ ARIE
Slant given to a reality TV antagonist VILLAINEDIT
Sluggish INERT
Snacks with a pinwheel design HOHOS
Some NFL linemen RGS
Spatter collectors APRONS
Stage solo, perhaps ARIA
Storage shed securer PADLOCK
Tax pro's suggestions SHELTERS
The "N" in NDA NON
Union underminer SCAB
Winning four consecutive majors over a two-year span, as named for the first to do it TIGERSLAM
Wood used for electric guitar bodies ASH