Wall Street Journal - Sep 18 2021 - Blockbuster Films

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Clues Answers
“Absalom and Achitophel” poet DRYDEN
“Beat it!” SCAT
“Echoes in Rain” singer ENYA
“I’ll never be able to unhear that!” TMI
“I’m so happy for you!” THATSGREAT
“Lady at the Tea Table” painter CASSATT
“Notorious” justice RBG
“Notorious” studio RKO
“Pay ___ mind” ITNO
“Sorry Not Sorry” singer Lovato DEMI
“The Hunt for Red October” author CLANCY
“To tell the truth...” INFACT
Abbr. on a brewery sign ESTD
Agreed-upon hour SETTIME
Angsty genre EMO
Approximately ATAGUESS
Battle of September 1862 ANTIETAM
Battleship letters USS
Biden or Harris, once: Abbr SEN
Bunch of brothers FRAT
Capital on an eponymous fjord OSLO
Cayenne producer PORSCHE
Challah unit LOAF
Classic Converse sneakers, familiarly CHUCKS
Compared with THAN
Conks out DIES
Considers MULLS
Dele undoer STET
Devil child BADSEED
Disappearing effect POOF
Disreputable paper RAG
Dog holders BUNS
Dr.’s study MED
Earth tone OCHER
Eensy-weensy ITTY
El-operating agcy CTA
Elizabeth of “WandaVision” OLSEN
En ___ (in full court) BANC
Enter a code? SCAN
Expresses disapproval TUTS
Fail to mention OMIT
Female rabbit DOE
Firmly remove SHOWTHEDOOR
Flaky mineral MICA
Forgo cooking, maybe EATOUT
Former owner of Capitol Records EMI
High-and-mighty sorts SNOOTS
High-rise unit STORY
Highest-grossing movie of 1922 ROBIN
Highest-grossing movie of 1956 (with “The”) TEN
Highest-grossing movie of 1965 THESOUNDOF
Highest-grossing movie of 1970 LOVE
Highest-grossing movie of 1977 STAR
Highest-grossing movie of 1986 TOP
Highest-grossing movie of 1987 FATAL
Highest-grossing movie of 1996 INDEPENDENCE
Hint of hunger PANG
Hip-hop/soul artist Hill LAURYN
Honey bunches SWARMS
Hostile hounds CURS
Implied, at best LEFTUNSAID
In a pricey coat GILT
In the style of ALA
Iphigenia’s beginning? IOTA
It may require reading the fine print EYETEST
It’s just for openers KNOB
Jewelry that’s a little over a foot ANKLET
JFK advisory ETD
Joint woe GOUT
LeBron became one in 2004 TEENDAD
Clues Answers
Like a dope house party LIT
Like vintage newspaper pages YELLOWED
Loser of a game of riddles to Bilbo GOLLUM
Magnetic force ATTRACTION
Major problems? WARS
Makes it? TAGS
Mallorca, por ejemplo ISLA
Man in the corner ROOK
Metaphor for a mind that never forgets STEELTRAP
Mind-numbing practices RUTS
Minuscule amounts TITTLES
Misses on the moors LASSIES
Most pleasant NICEST
Mother with a Peace Prize TERESA
Move swiftly DART
National Zoo favorites PANDAS
Necessitate ENTAIL
Neck, in Nottingham SNOG
Nespresso buys PODS
NFL scores TDS
NYC subway letters BMT
Objective GOAL
Outmoded custom RELIC
Parka part HOOD
Pickup capacity, perhaps ONETON
Pics on pecs TATS
Posterior HIND
Powder at Park City SNOW
Prefix with plasm or parasite ECTO
Put the pedal to the metal FLOORIT
Ratify, quaintly ENSEAL
Reached by schooner SAILEDTO
Ready to be driven TEED
Rejections NOS
Respectful word in a yoga studio NAMASTE
Response to a dig OUCH
Ride an inner tube? SURF
Roman historian LIVY
Sandra ___ O’Connor DAY
Scoring result? MUSIC
Season ender, for some TORNACL
See 34-Across TSE
Shapes up GETSFIT
Sister of Barbie STACIE
Some hand sanitizers GELS
Spotted SEEN
Square root of nove TRE
Stopped being so demanding EASEDUP
Striking bunch HOTTIES
Stud spot EAR
Surrender CEDE
Switch to streaming CUTTHECABLE
Tack on ADD
Teammate of Magic in the 1980s KAREEM
They must be obeyed COMMANDMENTS
Thick fog PEASOUP
Tibia site SHIN
Took home NETTED
Totaled at the register RANGUP
Unoriginal OLD
Vietnam’s currency DONG
What Beyoncé, Bono and Björk each use ONENAME
What the canonized earn SAINTSHIP
Wife of Saturn OPS
With 35-Across, Taoism founder LAO
With little apparent effort ATACANTER
WWII cartography clerk, perhaps WAC
___ and aahs OOHS