Irish Times (Simplex) - Sep 18 2021

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Clues Answers
A motley assortment of things MELANGE
A type of bowling TENPIN
Acquire by effort EARN
As many as are required ENOUGH
Big cats TIGERS
Brought about CAUSED
Calendar divisions MONTHS
Chiefly, for the most part PRIMARILY
Circular ROTARY
Comfort, rest EASE
Distance between two points in space or time SPAN
Drove animals HERDED
Expressed opposition through action or words PROTESTED
Fastener to fit through a hole BUTTON
Floor exercises performed face down PRESSUPS
Infectious agents that replicate within cells of living hosts VIRUSES
Inflammatory skin condition ECZEMA
Clues Answers
Literary composition ESSAY
Lounged around LOAFED
Man-made water-jet FOUNTAIN
Mixture of dry cereals and fruits MUESLI
More potent STRONGER
More precipitous STEEPER
Narrow steep-sided valleys RAVINES
Of greater length LONGER
Of the city built in water VENETIAN
Old Italian money LIRA
Prefer, lean towards FAVOUR
Purloins STEALS
The more of it, the less speed, it is said HASTE
They come from Zagreb, say CROATIANS
Unit of heat THERM
Unoccupied VACANT
Use inefficiently or inappropriately WASTE
Wrinkly seed with hard shell WALNUT