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Clues Answers
"Aw, shucks!" GEE
"Dogtown" singer Yoko ONO
"Have — trip" ASAFE
"Help Me, —" (1965 hit) RHONDA
"Here Comes the Hotstepper" singer — Kamoze INI
"Hitchin' —" (1970 hit) ARIDE
"The Hollow Men" poet TSELIOT
"Yes, yes!," in Spain SISI
"Zip- — -Doo-Dah" ADEE
"— la vista!" HASTA
2.0 grade CEE
Actor Ed ASNER
Actor Mineo SAL
Actor Romero NED
African cobra ASP
Alabama city SELMA
Alternatives to inns HOSTELS
Apropos of ASTO
Argonauts' quest GOLDENFLEECE
Arid African expanse SAHARA
Baby who doesn't need a pacifier, perhaps THUMBSUCKER
Back fish fin DORSAL
Baking qty TSP
Banana oil or benzoate ESTER
Barbera's collaborator in cartoons HANNA
Bewildered ATSEA
Big name in insurance AETNA
Boise-to-Spokane dir NNW
Borden's "spokescow" ELSIE
Boxer Ali LAILA
Campus mil. group ROTC
Cars move up and down in it ELEVATORSHAFT
Certain guitar player BASSIST
Certain injury from an arachnid SCORPIONSTING
Change to fit ADAPT
Chess piece four squares from the king at the start of the game QUEENSROOK
Chinese calisthenics system TAICHI
Chou En- — LAI
Common bellybutton INNIE
Common seabird with black wingtips HERRINGGULL
Concerto part RONDO
Corporate shake-up, for short REORG
Deck out ADORN
Doc wielding a penlight ENT
Dragster fuel NITRO
Egypt's Anwar SADAT
Emu relative RHEA
Et — (and others) ALII
Exam for future attys LSAT
Experts ACES
Fancy party GALA
Father, in French PERE
First half of an album SIDEA
Fleur-de- — LYS
Flynn of old Hollywood ERROL
Follow behind TRAIL
French edict city of old NANTES
Gaggle birds GEESE
Get versed in LEARN
Gives 10% to the church TITHES
Gives a judgment about RULESON
Glossy fabric SATIN
Gp. for tooth drillers ADA
Grafton's "— for Quarry" QIS
Granola bits NUTS
Group of two DUO
Guesses at JFK or SFO ETAS
Hair highlight STREAK
How faint memories are recalled DIMLY
Hucksters' helpers SHILLS
I love, to Livia AMO
Clues Answers
Ike's wife MAMIE
Inmate who's broken out ESCAPEDCON
Invite on a date ASKOUT
Iowa city AMES
Iraq's locale ASIA
Iraq's locale MIDDLEEAST
Iraqi, for one ARAB
IRS form info SSN
Israel's main airline ELAL
It connects to a car engine's water pump RADIATORHOSE
Jacob of social reform RIIS
Jeong of "The Hangover" KEN
Keep — profile ALOW
Kind of port on a PC USB
Lacks being ISNT
Land in the ocean, to Yvette ILE
Lead-in for Rooter or tiller ROTO
Left on the dinner table UNEATEN
Leisurely walk STROLL
Lerner's collaborator in musicals LOEWE
Like direct combat HANDTOHAND
Liselotte of the LPGA NEUMANN
Makes a sock, say KNITS
Mexican dish TOSTADA
Miracle- — GRO
Mooing herd CATTLE
Motorist's 180, slangily UEY
Newly capped tire RETREAD
Old buddies CRONIES
Pantry pest ANT
Paradise HEAVEN
People who do what's at the ends of nine answers in this puzzle FLIMFLAMARTISTS
Persian king SHAH
Petrol quantities LITRES
Popular Nissans SENTRAS
Printed notice with no pictures TEXTAD
Rear- — (car accident) ENDER
Revenues INCOMES
Rocket part STAGE
Roll back to 0 RESET
Roosted SAT
Salada drink TEA
Scarab, e.g BEETLE
Scholastic ACADEMIC
Screening airport gp TSA
Screw up ERR
Sea- — Airport TAC
Secret U.S. govt. group NSA
See 96-Down ALTO
Seizes the attention of GRABS
Sheltered from the wind ALEE
Simply won't REFUSETO
Singer Des'— REE
Single-wheeled circus prop UNICYCLE
Slangy suffix with "two" FER
Small drinks SIPS
Sorvino of "Mimic" MIRA
Spoken ORAL
Staples Center, e.g ARENA
Stickler PURIST
Sup stylishly DINE
The "g" of e.g GRATIA
Thespian great Hagen UTA
U.S. version of a cue sport AMERICANSNOOKER
U.S.-Mex. border city ELPASOTX
Wanted-poster abbr AKA
Week- — -glance ATA
Wife's father, e.g INLAW
With 80-Across, Silicon Valley city PALO
— Aviv TEL