Eugene Sheffer - King Feature Syndicate - Oct 1 2021

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Clues Answers
A Corleone brother FREDO
A.C.C. school UVA
Actor Beatty NED
Admin. aide ASST
Airline to Sweden SAS
Apple tablets IPADS
Beloved DEAR
Born NEE
Bread morsel CRUMB
Bridge support TRESTLE
Brusque CURT
Chum PAL
Conceit EGO
Corp. bigwig EXEC
Dire fate DOOM
Director Howard RON
Dissertation TREATISE
Done with OVER
Duel tool EPEE
Eager AVID
Egg (Pref.) OVO
Exist ARE
Fake drake DECOY
Freshens lawns SODS
Goya's duchess ALBA
Hawaiian coast KONA
Holiday Inn rival RAMADA
Huge BIG
Liberates FREES
Low horn TUBA
Malaria symptom AGUE
Menlo Park monogram TAE
Clues Answers
Ms. Thurman UMA
Not 'neath OER
Off-course ASTRAY
On the Baltic, say ASEA
Ore deposit LODE
Parseghian of football ARA
Period of self-care METIME
Piece of work OPUS
Pilot lights FLAMES
Prom rental TUX
Rating unit STAR
Road runners AUTOS
Rotate TURN
Sailor TAR
Seoul setting KOREA
Seth's son ENOS
Simple MERE
Some Emmy winners DRAMAS
Straighten UNCURL
Subway entrance STILE
Sweetie, slangily BAE
Tatters RAGS
Took a bike, say RODE
Tours season ETE
Was hot, on Twitter TRENDED
Web address URL
Wee bit TAD
Winter ailment FLU
Wooden pin PEG
Words to Brutus ETTU
Work unit ERG
— de deux PAS