- Sep 15 2021

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Clues Answers
''Shoo!'' SCAT
''Show Boat'' song OLMANRIVER
''Terrible'' tot TWOYEAROLD
''__ been thinking . . .'' IVE
Actress Stone or Watson EMMA
Artist's inspiration MUSE
Back of a boat STERN
Baseball great Gehrig LOU
Battle of the Bulge region of Belgium ARDENNES
Begin to blush REDDEN
Big gulp SWIG
Birds that coo DOVES
Cain's younger brother ABEL
Candies and cookies SWEETS
Cash register compartment TENS
Cooks over boiling water STEAMS
Damp, as a lawn at dawn DEWY
Days before holidays EVES
Director Spike LEE
Donated GAVE
Dutch cheese EDAM
Elevator stops FLOORS
Engaged in combat ATWAR
Falls asleep DROPSOFF
Firecracker's cord FUSE
Getting little rainfall ARID
Had on WORE
In a tidy way NEATLY
Informal ''isn't'' AINT
Issues sold at newsstands MAGS
Keep from happening AVERT
Knock on the door RAP
Legendary trailblazer Daniel BOONE
Leopards and lions CATS
Makes a jump LEAPS
Makes corrections to EMENDS
Minimal money PENNY
Mister, in Munich HERR
Clues Answers
Much-admired celebrity IDOL
Nashville music show GRANDOLEOPRY
New Year's Eve party song AULDLANGSYNE
Nickname for Ireland ERIN
Once in a blue __ MOON
One end of a bed FOOT
One __ time (singly) ATA
Overly stylish ARTY
Paid player PRO
Pesky flies GNATS
Poe's black bird RAVEN
Pointy pub game projectile DART
Pop singer Tori AMOS
Prefix meaning ''bad'' MAL
Private __ (detectives) EYES
Prohibit by law BAN
Quick trip to the store ERRAND
Recently OFLATE
River's flood barrier LEVEE
Rocket launching agency NASA
Sand castle's undoing TIDE
Scheduled to arrive DUE
Secret plot CABAL
Show remorse ATONE
Smallest Great Lake ERIE
Sound like a lion ROAR
Stops, as a squeak OILS
Store ad phrase ONSALENOW
Sugar substitute in foods CORNSYRUP
Sunbeam RAY
Tax agcy IRS
Think ahead PLAN
Took one's turn WENT
Tuna salad ingredient MAYO
Uttered SAID
Where land meets ocean SHORE
Whichever ANY
__ carte menu ALA
__ Diego, CA SAN