The Times - Cryptic - Times Cryptic No 28083

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Clues Answers
Ad hoc term for recent coalition government? Name to censure CONDEMN
African having quit ought to return at intervals HUTU
Authors with another set of neat procedures? cowrites
Base, centre for ironworks, was heaving WRETCHED
Catches heartless politician’s alternative take on past HERSTORY
Cockney’s shed tears to stun old bounder KANGAROO
Couple quizzically raised one’s casually viewing broadcast EYEBROWS
Courts controversy, ultimately displaying guts all round INNYARDS
Cream drunk with coffee’s filling off-white
Dance floor — let it be firm! FLAMENCO
Disgrace to follow: put up with that DOGHOUSE
Engaged in campaigning, as bail is set on the stump
Foreign ref upset one pointing to the spot? FOREFINGER
From puzzle Learner to Victor: congratulations! MAZELTOV
Clues Answers
Holding it together after upset is what fellow’s about COHESIVE
Hope one’s somehow done with book — the novel I detest NEOPHOBE
Keen on local couple getting a hearing INTO
Knock the beer back: easily one’s undoing? SLIPKNOT
Matches used when building is in flames? SEMIFINALS
Oil rings going around on the water? OTTO
Parties of Americans do extensive gardening job in SE England? HOEDOWNS
Physicist’s brief fussily interrupting archdeacon van allen
Seed — not a bean from France — that’s primary source of sustenance NUTRIENT
Six slices no use, having turned green? ENVIOUS
Some work by British composer BERG
Target to raise before retiring COCKSHY
What a jury looks for out of hearing? SOUNDPROOF
Where you’ll find LA: North Dakota? Not true! PRETEND