The Times - Concise - Times Concise No 8697

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Clues Answers
Area between flights LANDING
Becoming less tense RELAXING
Camp lavatory LATRINE
City of west Ireland GALWAY
Encroachment INROAD
Feeling of elation EUPHORIA
Flightless bird RHEA
For a short time AWHILE
Freshwater fish GRAYLING
Greeting HELLO
Item list for meeting AGENDA
Large carrying bag HOLDALL
Clues Answers
Lathe user TURNER
Mass departure EXODUS
Nervous, irritable EDGY
Pleasingly rich LUSCIOUS
Puzzling thing ENIGMA
Relating to nerves NEURAL
Scribble aimlessly DOODLE
Sufficient ENOUGH
Tried out TESTED
Unexpectedly SUDDENLY
White fur ERMINE