Universal - Jul 6 2010

Clues Answers
A ___ formality MERE
Arrange, as a meeting SETUP
Barely beat, with "out" NOSED
Bathroom floor installer TILER
Be a star LEAD
Bergman's "Casablanca" role LUND
Blunted dueling sword EPEE
Bouncer's station DOOR
Breaks one's back TOILS
Breastbones STERNA
Broadway's "___ Yankees" DAMN
Capillary, e.g. TUBULE
Capital of South Australia ADELAIDE
Censor's target SMUT
Children's card game WAR
City of central Kansas SALINA
Cut in a skirt SLIT
Dark red PUCE
Dead set against ANTI
Divine communicator ORACLE
Dogie snagger LASSO
Doughy desserts PASTRIES
Dusk, poetically EEN
Easy run LOPE
Elegantly stylish CHIC
Evoke, as a response ELICIT
Face the day ARISE
Facing extinction RARE
Feed at a fete for a fee CATER
Folk rocker DiFranco ANI
Form of address for a tot KIDDO
Glass designer Lalique RENE
Great quantity SCAD
Guilty, e.g. PLEA
Gymnast's beads SWEAT
Heineken bottle symbol STAR
Highly decorative ORNATE
Improvise ADLIB
Clues Answers
In the same place, in footnotes IBIDEM
Indian attire SARI
Large-eyed tree climber LEMUR
Little lice NITS
Makes a miscalculation ERRS
Medal-worthy HEROIC
Opposite the wind ALEE
Orchestra section REEDS
Orthodontists' org. ADA
Overseas title (Var.) AGHA
Pant waist inserts ELASTICS
Pheasant ragout SALMI
Pre-Russian Revolution ruler TSAR
Rainfall-challenged ARID
Ran in neutral IDLED
Rodgers' collaborator HART
Screwball WACKO
Screwtape, in "The Screwtape Letters" DEMON
Sewing machine parts TREADLES
Small needle case ETUI
Soon-to-be adults TEENS
South African golfer Els ERNIE
Stomach lining problem ULCER
Street crossers, sometimes (Abbr.) RDS
Subject of a sentence NOUN
Subtract DEDUCT
Summer drink suffix ADE
The auld sod ERIN
Track habitue TOUT
Tries the truffles EATS
Type of bacterial infection STAPH
Uncomely citrus fruit? UGLI
Union Civil War general George MEADE
Voice in the choir ALTO
Worry persistently OBSESS