Wall Street Journal - Sep 15 2021 - Sentinels

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Clues Answers
“Auld Lang ___” SYNE
“Curiously strong” mint ALTOID
“Rum Punch” writer Leonard, and a hint to this puzzle’s theme answers ELMORE
“YOU” said at the altar? WEDDINGVOWELS
Ab ___ (from the start) OVO
Ball in Denver and the like ARENAS
Barrett of Pink Floyd SYD
Bellyache GROUSE
Broadcast portion AUDIO
Burning AFLAME
Capture SEIZE
Charter LEASE
Common soccer score ONEONE
Connecting points NODES
Cookies and cake, to a dieter NONOS
Cry from the crow’s-nest LANDHO
Dedicate DEVOTE
Deli roll with Asiago, chocolate and raisins, perhaps? MIXEDBAGEL
Director’s cry ACTION
Dollars dispenser ATM
Dot on a French mariner’s chart ILE
Emcees make them INTROS
Felt disoriented REELED
Filled with joy GLAD
Fireworks exclamations OOHS
Fit for Muslim diners HALAL
Flanders of Springfield NED
Guy who won’t use checks? CASHFELLOW
Hardwood tree ASH
Idyllic setting EDEN
Illicit meeting TRYST
It might have several legs RACE
Just out NEW
Leaf maker NISSAN
Lion’s trail mark? FELINEPRINT
Lottery moment DRAW
Maker of big green machines DEERE
Marketer’s pitch? SELLINGSHOT
Clues Answers
Meadow, poetically LEA
MLB team leader MGR
Modernized, say REDONE
Money guru Orman SUZE
Monument Valley feature MESA
Museum offering TOUR
Orienteering resource MAP
Overrun, as fleas do INFEST
Pass by ELAPSE
Photographer Arbus DIANE
Poet’s preposition ERE
Pop singer Bebe REXHA
Pork cut LOIN
Prepare for further fire RELOAD
Punk rock’s Dee Dee, Tommy, Joey or Johnny RAMONE
Put away ATE
Quarter horse quarters STABLE
Rent LET
Second vice president to resign AGNEW
Showing, in a way ONTV
Sister channel of QVC HSN
Six-pt. scores TDS
Snagged GOT
Some power producers DAMS
Sonnet’s last six lines SESTET
Spots ADS
St. Moritz surroundings ALPS
Start of lots of rap monikers LIL
Stew bit PEA
Story in segments SERIAL
Story line ARC
Summer, in Calais ETE
Symbol of industry ANT
Umpteen MANY
Use a crowbar on PRISE
Vodka brand, familiarly STOLI
Warning color RED
Washing cycle RINSE