Universal - Sep 14 2021

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Clues Answers
"Jurassic Park" creations, informally DINOS
"Looks like you're right" SOITIS
"Please, please, please?" CANI
"There's my cue!" IMON
"___ not fair!" ITS
1987-94 "Star Trek" series, briefly TNG
Add on ANNEX
Be compatible (with) GETALONG
Big bash GALA
Bound by oath SWORN
Buddhist spiritual leader LAMA
Buttery shrimp dish SCAMPI
Cake recipe instruction MIX
Certain medical fee COPAY
Cohesiveness UNITY
Corp. leader CEO
Device that a crash test tests AIRBAG
Dig into? ETCH
Dog in "Garfield" ODIE
Dog walker's command HEEL
Doting attention, briefly TLC
Drive to action IMPEL
Endangered fish EEL
Euclid's "Elements," for example? MATHCLASSIC
Eyelid affliction STYE
Fast-food outlet with excessive expenses? PRODIGALSONIC
Funny Viking HAGAR
Genetic messenger RNA
Gibbon, for one APE
Good buddy, for short BFF
Grand ___ Opry OLE
Halloween critter BAT
Hamlet, nationality-wise DANE
Hawaiian island near Maui LANAI
Hint for Holmes CLUE
Hound's "hand" PAW
Hypes, as a product PUSHES
Impressive note for a soprano to hit HIGHC
Clues Answers
Is compatible (with) FITSIN
Join together LINK
Kick oneself for RUE
Legendary loch NESS
Letter from a teacher? GRADE
Like Switzerland, topographically ALPINE
Low-level workers PEONS
Marketplace with many free offerings APPSTORE
Most common volcanic rock BASALT
Multicolored gemstone OPAL
Necklace on 30-Down LEI
Obscene writing SMUT
Org. challenged by email USPS
Overcharge GOUGE
Playing "Madden NFL," perhaps GAMING
Prepare, as Nova lox SMOKE
Pros and ___ CONS
Repetitive motions TICS
Result of an oil shortage at KFC? FRYINGPANIC
Seeks information ASKS
Sends forth EMITS
Set straight ALIGN
Shakes, like a tail WAGS
Something discussed during an indoor cycling course? SPINNINGTOPIC
Song featured in "Flashdance" MANIAC
Suburban street sights LAWNS
The ___ of the earth SALT
Toucan's pride BEAK
Track circuit LAP
Turn a corner in Monopoly PASSGO
Uses the kiddie pool WADES
Vaccinations, informally JABS
Warm up on a treadmill JOG
Warts and all ASIS
Westernmost U.S. territory GUAM
What may give a burger crunch SLAW
Where the Mekong flows ASIA
Word before "coffee" or "stew" IRISH