The Times - Concise - Times Concise No 8696

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Clues Answers
Area of new building DEVELOPMENT
Become very angry see red
Build or erect again RECONSTRUCT
Dashboard instrument SPEEDO
Family relative AUNTIE
Fine white clay KAOLIN
Fly high SOAR
Funeral fire PYRE
Game piece DOMINO
Highest point of excellence ACME
Kneader of muscles MASSEUSE
Masticate CHEW
Clues Answers
Metric unit of weight TONNE
Moorland hills FELLS
Muddled; rotten ADDLED
Old Icelandic book EDDA
Over-refined EFFETE
Pay back (money) REFUND
Rise and hover in the air LEVITATE
Sacred water lily LOTUS
Short period of excitement FLURRY
Synthetic fabric NYLON
Talon CLAW