Family Time - Sep 13 2021

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Clues Answers
"I double ___ you!" DARE
"Masters of the Universe" hero HEMAN
"Nut" from an African tree KOLA
67.5 degrees from true north, briefly ENE
About to be cooked RAW
Affiliate marketing revenue sources ADS
Any variable in math PARAMETER
Bit of sunlight RAY
Bore or sired HAD
Brain cases CRANIA
Branch structure blocking water DAM
Bridge part ARCH
City in Colorado ASPEN
City in the Sunshine State SARASOTA
Clever maneuver PLOY
Dark purple-red MAGENTA
Deity of the Bible GOD
Destructive wind phenomena TORNADOS
Diamond figures CARATS
Do less than gallop TROT
Drummer's output (with 32-Across) RATA
Fascinations INTERESTS
Fighter for a cause CRUSADER
First name listed in the cast STAR
Fowl's perch ROOST
Fussy snoot PRIG
Get bent from heat WARP
Go kaput and fail to restart DIE
Key next to the longest key on a keyboard ALT
Lays out in a boxing ring KAYOS
Leave out on purpose OMIT
Clues Answers
Like a cereal box with no cereal EMPTY
Like some Olympic races SWUM
Lisa with an oily face? MONA
Makes dresses SEWS
Matter to be discussed ITEM
Measurement unit INCH
MLB's Ripken CAL
Mommies MAS
Motel-like establishment INN
Move like a scared rabbit SCAMPER
Move like slime on a slight incline OOZE
On the endangered list RARE
One of the "Rocky" films III
One way to get to the shore ROW
Outline of a play SCENARIO
Places for the injured, briefly ERS
Plays a game as It TAGS
Potato-based snack unit CHIP
Prefix for "bucks" MEGA
Rested one's wings ALIT
See 13-Across TAT
Silent "excuse me" TAP
Spaced three feet apart Distanced
Speaks biblically? SAITH
Super tiny energy source ATOM
To a degree SOME
Trade SWAP
TV reruns, for example TELECASTS
Use one's mobile CALL
Within hearing range NEAR
Zig? No, the opposite ZAG