USA Today - Jul 6 2010

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Clues Answers
"Haste makes waste," for one ADAGE
"Messenger" molecule RNA
"Why not?" SURE
"___, poor Yorick . . ." ALAS
4-Down, for example WRAP
Animated Simba, e.g. LION
Attach, as postage AFFIX
Auto shop supplies FILTERS
Bake sale group, perhaps PTA
Bar food? SUSHI
Before, once ERE
Bit of tomfoolery ANTIC
Black-tie affair GALA
Blues guitarist Robert CRAY
Boxing legend ALI
Bud holder, maybe KEG
Building girder IBEAM
Caesar's 1101 MCI
Classic blues musician LEADBELLY
Deep respect REVERENCE
Depleting USINGUP
Der, here THE
Either President Bush, e.g. TEXAN
Evil hypnotist of fiction SVENGALI
Fare for the toothless PAP
Fix, as a stitch RESEW
Gorilla patriarch SILVERBACK
Happy hour order, perhaps ALE
Heavy drinker's sound? HIC
Immediately PRESTO
Indian dignitary RANI
Indian woman's garment SARI
Insect-catching bird PEWEE
James Bond nemesis GOLDFINGER
Kabuki costume belt OBI
Kudrow who's among "Friends" LISA
Lassie or Benji, e.g. PET
Like rock-hard bread STALE
Litter members PUPS
Clues Answers
Love Field feature HANGAR
Marine poster words AFEW
Mayday letters SOS
Mine transport TRAMCAR
More disgusting ICKIER
More than necessary EXTRA
No longer working, briefly RET
Occurring in the middle MEDIAL
Ogle EYE
One was to a lark ODE
Open a cage UNBAR
Oratorio highlights ARIAS
Party spread PATE
Pinocchio's downfall LIE
Place for a napkin LAP
Popular nest egg IRA
Rest against LEANON
Rumble BRAWL
Sat and did nothing IDLED
Schedule ARRANGE
Showy daisy variety OXEYE
Some Cadillacs ELDORADOS
Something of a mystery ENIGMA
Source of saturated fat PALMOIL
Southwestern crocks OLLAS
Spot in the ocean ISLE
Subject line on a party invitation WHERE
Swamp plant SEDGE
Swedish currency KRONA
Systems for speakers PAS
The sixth sense ESP
They climb the walls VINES
Unstable particles HYPERONS
Word before "pittance" MERE
Words before "carte" ALA
Writer Talese GAY
Writes wrong ERRS
Yellow cheese in red wax EDAM