The Times - Cryptic - Times Cryptic No 28081

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Clues Answers
Behave stoically, but let the bile out bite the bullet
Bible-bashing woman inspiring saintly girl in the end EVANGELICAL
Cake served in City retreat ECLAIR
Clock surmounting management’s information site NOTICEBOARD
Continue to cause a commotion carry on
Corrosive agent mostly leading to spasmodic twitching CAUSTIC
Corrupt French nobleman in Canterbury, perhaps SEDUCE
Curb control, securing backing for cultural pursuits RESTRAIN
Dire photos misrepresented ministers collectively PRIESTHOOD
Distant object associated with girl’s old bike penny-farthing
Endless recceing by peacekeepers around east UNCEASING
Heads of lodge in extremely distinctive clothing LIVERY
Hoard money, it’s said CACHE
Idiot biting girl’s head off ASS
Clues Answers
In Paris she accepts call ultimately for skilled workman ENAMELLER
Language once used in school at Inverness? LATIN
Letter introducing recent catalogues for certain collectors Philatelists
Main cloak worn by Seurat at first for painting SEASCAPE
Odd place to store cargo, putting learner in complete control STRANGLEHOLD
Overturned cart in enclosed ground YARD
Potentially moving article thus containing inferior material ASTATIC
Principled old American curls up awkwardly at first SCRUPULOUS
Rise that has Charlie opening fashionable branch of business INCLINE
Sexually pure son consumed by constant loathing CHASTE
Sicilian shepherd about to go north on island ACIS
Study dance, having postponed payment once CONTANGO
Taught English journalist about old European coin EDUCATED
Ultimate catch NET