The Washington Post Sunday - Sep 12 2021

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Clues Answers
'Egads!' YIPE
'Glass City' of Ohio TOLEDO
'Go ___ Alice' ASK
'It's ___!' (cry in a 1931 sci-fi horror film) ALIVE
'Met ___ Last Night' (Demi Lovato song) HIM
'Minari' star Yeun STEVEN
'NBA Countdown' network ESPN
'Nim's Island' author Wendy ORR
'Oh, that's what you mean' AHISEE
'Patternmaster,' for Octavia Butler DEBUTNOVEL
'Riverdale' actress Reinhart LILI
'Somewhat, yeah' SORTOF
'Spirits' musician ___ Scott-Heron GIL
'That is,' in Latin IDEST
'The Father' actress Colman OLIVIA
'WandaVision' actress Elizabeth OLSEN
'___ won ... but at what cost?' IVE
1 Down word AMEN
1,000 in a tonne KILOS
5.4, for the set {8, 6, 7, 5, 3, 0, 9} MEAN
50 percent of seis TRES
A secret one may have intelligence AGENT
A-lister's state FAME
Achy after exercise SORE
Action film's following? CHASE
Agenda component ITEM
Alone time? SOLO
Amps up, with 'up' PEPS
Animated film with voice-overs by Idina Menzel and Kristen Bell FROZEN
Animated film with voice-overs by James Earl Jones and Moira Kelly THELIONKING
Animated TV show with voice-overs by Alex Borstein and Seth Green FAMILYGUY
Animated TV show with voice-overs by Yeardley Smith and Nancy Cartwright THESIMPSONS
Appeal with urgency PLEAD
Author of a 'Little Movie Glossary' EBERT
Bad sound? SHORTA
Bahrain's region ARABIA
Basset's bowlful ALPO
Bear created in the 1920s POOH
Beat test, briefly EKG
Blackmore's Lorna DOONE
Buddhist teacher LAMA
Building with fowl COOP
Butterfly wing marking EYESPOT
Byrne collaborator ENO
Citrus discards PEELS
Classes KINDS
Clever trick RUSE
Clicking dance style TAP
Compose, with ink PEN
Couple on stage DUO
Dermal growth WART
Detailed proposal, perhaps PLAN
Disdainful grins SNEERS
Dye again RECOLOR
Effusive film review RAVE
Element No. 18 ARGON
Even once EVER
Exasperate GETTO
Finish triumphantly CAPOFF
Floor pad for yoga MAT
Former stadium that's contained in 43 Down SHEA
Foul layer SCUM
Fraudulent account LIE
Frequently, in odes OFT
Gives a hand to AIDS
Golden fruit stolen by Hercules APPLE
Heating system components VENTS
High as a kite, e.g SIMILE
High straight cards ACES
Hit hard THUMP
Image of a brain? IDEA
Incoming flight hrs ETAS
Its pH might be 2 ACID
Keeper of the teas CADDY
Kicks out EVICTS
Laverne and Shirley, e.g NAMES
Legal org. found in Tampa Bay? ABA
Licensing payment FEE
Like 'The Jungle Book,' in 2016 REMADE
Clues Answers
Like some bathroom scales ANALOG
Locality AREA
Lord's attendant VALET
Lunch hour, maybe ONEPM
Military might involving aviation AIRPOWER
Model Delevingne CARA
Modified, as in D.C AMENDED
Most despicable BASEST
Nevada filming site for 'Hard Eight' RENO
Oakley's arms RIFLES
Octane-rated fuel GAS
Olympic champion gymnast Suni LEE
Olympic measures METERS
One with seniority ELDER
Opposed to ANTI
Org. supporting public schools NEA
Palindromic sib SIS
Passed by, as hours ELAPSED
Passing through VIA
Performs penitence ATONES
Piece of wrangling equipment LASSO
Pins' or mics' sites LAPELS
Pint or gallon, e.g UNIT
Plant life? SPYING
Politics blog interest MEDIA
Private investigators SHAMUSES
Prom night rental LIMO
Puts out Friskies for a friend, say CATSITS
Quarterback Nick who was the MVP of Super Bowl LII FOLES
Reactions to cheese? SMILES
Recently caught, say FRESH
Rice noodle soup PHO
Row over land, say? DISPUTE
Satirizes SENDSUP
Say the magic words? CURSE
Scalp woe LICE
Second section PARTB
See 133 Down OFFICE
Sensationalistic and tawdry, as TV TRASHY
Sermonize ORATE
Shave, as wool SHEAR
Site of a quark ATOM
Slender LEAN
Snack coated with a Japanese spice WASABIPEAS
Some coffee orders LATTES
Somewhat ATAD
Sound from a hoof CLOP
Source of pot growth SEED
Source of pot growth? ANTE
Spicy sauce taste TANG
Storied paradise EDEN
Stretch between classrooms HALL
Strip for an art class, perhaps TAPE
Subculture with many clad in black GOTH
Suddenly stop working properly SEIZEUP
Summa cum ___ LAUDE
Sunday event MASS
Suspension in the sky CLOUD
Symbol of Euler's totient function PHI
Tailor's chalk stuff TALC
Take pleasure in LIKE
Things that may be replaced on shoes SOLES
To's partner FRO
Totally distracted SPACEDOUT
Type of cop on 'The Wire' NARCO
What metaphorical walls have EARS
Wild way to run AMOK
With 38 Down, site of many presidents' meetings OVAL
Word application USAGE
Word from the Maori for 'shark' MAKO
Working hard ATIT
Works honored by the Stonewall Book Awards, informally GAYLIT
Wraps, as in a blanket ENFOLDS
Young boy LAD
Zero, at the Euros NIL
___ mortals MERE
___ of Geek (pop culture website) DEN
___ of the tongue SLIP
___ Park, Colo ESTES
___ pole TOTEM
___ surgeon TRAUMA