L.A. Times Daily - Sep 12 2021

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Clues Answers
"Death in Venice" author MANN
"Get a move on!" FASTER
"Stay" singer Lisa seen in GEICO ads LOEB
"Thanks, it's already done" NONEED
"The Bald Soprano" playwright IONESCO
"The Ice Storm" director Lee ANG
"This seems familiar" word DEJA
"Vive le __!" ROI
"What about me?!" AHEM
"Xanadu" rock gp ELO
1906 Runabout, e.g REO
A montage of them was presented at the 2006 Oscars EPICS
Accustoms (to) ENURES
Acted like EMULATED
Activist Greta Thunberg, e.g SWEDE
Annoy IRK
Applications USES
Apply, as a brake STEPON
Aqua __: U.K. mineral water brand PURA
Aspect FACET
Award-winning Mark Tatulli comic strip LIO
Backing-up key ESC
Bar specification NEAT
Bath buggy PRAM
Before long, to Shakespeare ANON
Bird named for its cry HOOTOWL
Bit in a horse's mouth OAT
Bit of carelessness at cocktail hour? CHIPDIPDRIP
Block off OCCLUDE
Bugs with brakes VWS
Bullfight figure TORERO
City center street performer? DOWNTOWNCLOWN
Classic Pontiac GTO
Cleaning tools, for short VACS
Cod relatives HAKES
Composer of solo violin études PAGANINI
Con job SCAM
Congers EELS
Corn syrup component MALTOSE
Cricket club BAT
Current amount AMPERE
Deli stock RYES
Discipline with stretches YOGA
Downhill traveler SLED
Duchamp contemporary ARP
Easter lead-in NOR
Emailed SENT
End of a ball game? ALAI
Exile of 1979 SHAH
Extreme disorder MESS
Eyed impolitely, with "at" LEERED
Fashion lines HEMS
Fashionista dog? JETSETPET
Feds under Ness TMEN
Fencing moves THRUSTS
First name in an 1857 case DRED
Flash __ MOB
Formed with the tip of the tongue, like the letter L APICAL
Fragrant tea-flavoring shrubs JASMINES
General direction TREND
Green stone JADE
Hanks sobriquet for films like "You've Got Mail"? ROMCOMTOM
Horse-and-buggy ride sounds CLOPS
Hosp. units ERS
Imagine, colloquially SPOSE
Ink on a billionaire? FATCATTAT
Clues Answers
Introduction PREFACE
Joplin's "Maple Leaf __" RAG
Jubilance ELATION
Karen of "Starman" ALLEN
KC-to-NYC dir ENE
Knish sellers DELIS
Lawn chair CHAISE
Layered Italian dessert SPUMONI
Leave speechless STUN
Legislative group, e.g ENACTOR
Letters after pis RHOS
Letters before chi PHIS
Library vol. ID ISBN
Lie next to ABUT
Like some popular videos VIRAL
Like some stockings SEAMED
Like table salt GRANULAR
Long stretches EONS
Long-running forensic series CSI
Long-vowel symbols MACRONS
Madrid mama bear OSA
Mail ctrs GPOS
Malice SPITE
Mosque toppers DOMES
Most massive known dwarf planet ERIS
Native Alaskans ALEUTS
Not at all light SOLEMN
Nothing special SOSO
Offbeat ODD
Only astronaut to fly in the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo programs SCHIRRA
Opening number? AREACODE
Oxlike antelope GNU
Perceptive ACUTE
Place for reading recipes? COOKBOOKNOOK
Pole tossed by a Scot CABER
Portraitist John Singer __ SARGENT
Postal mishap? SNAILMAILFAIL
Property receivers, at law ALIENEES
Provide with the latest CLUEIN
Quakers in forests? ASPENS
React to a sprint PANT
Reality TV believer? BOOBTUBERUBE
Rehab hurdle DTS
Relaxes EASES
Salad green CRESS
Screening org TSA
Short blue person? DEM
Shows hospitality toward, as a visitor ASKSIN
Small bits of color SPLASHES
Spider that stalks its prey HUNTSMAN
Stadium cheer RAH
Starter for a noncompetitive race? FUNRUNGUN
Storied building material STRAW
Stretch STINT
Surely is HASTOBE
Sushi order AHI
Suspect SMELL
Tatami, e.g MAT
They're usually unbeatable NEMESES
Third-party accounts ESCROWS
Through VIA
Thurman of "Pulp Fiction" UMA
U.S. Army medal DSC
University of Idaho city MOSCOW
Western movie threat RATTLER
Where one trying to score may be out ATHOME
Wrapped in a blanket, say SNUG
__ pool GENE