New York Times - Sep 10 2021

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Clues Answers
'A-a-a-and ___!' SCENE
'We'll handle this one' LETUS
AAA service TOW
Absolute delight GLEE
Anago, on a Japanese menu EEL
Backgrounds in theater SETDESIGNS
Bad reasoning ILLOGIC
Cat With ___ of Joy (emoji) TEARS
Cellist Jacqueline DUPRE
Choose from the restaurant menu HAVE
Clodhopper RUBE
Colored rings AREOLAE
Comment after a cue IMON
Common sitcom rating TVPG
Cry of relief PHEW
Dispenser in many a vestibule ATM
Earths, in sci-fi TERRAS
Edit out, as from a photo CROP
Emmy and Golden Globe-nominated actress ___ Rachel Wood EVAN
Feeling of otherness ALIENATION
Fibrous part of a potato PEEL
Finished with RIDOF
Gamete producer GONAD
Get ready to drive TEEUP
Gives a hand DEALS
Hybrid citrus fruit native to China MEYERLEMON
Intruded, with 'in' BARGED
Jewelry creator Elsa who helped define the Tiffany brand PERETTI
Kristen of 'S.N.L.' WIIG
LAX approximation ETA
Clues Answers
Literally, 'disciple' SIKH
Marshal under Napoleon NEY
Matar, in Indian cuisine PEA
Meeting after a meeting DEBRIEF
More contrite SORRIER
Name associated with boxers HANES
Navel type OUTIE
News alert of old EXTRAEXTRA
Nickname for Chicago's Cloud Gate sculpture THEBEAN
No-goodnik HEEL
On again RELIT
Paris-to-Zurich dir ESE
Passed WENT
Pending acceptance, in a way WAITLISTED
Perceived to be SAWAS
Performing tasks according to encoded instructions, as a computer file EXECUTABLE
Piece of the action PERCENT
Platform for a performer RISER
Rain or shine VERB
River personified by the god Hapi NILE
See 12-Down GREAT
Skater's leap AXEL
Small grouse NIT
Some Christmas purchases FIRS
The toe of a geographical 'boot' OMAN
Top marks TENS
Travel authority? NBAREFEREE
Unexplained by science, say PARANORMAL
Upset of the century, say SHOCKER
What comes after the fall WINTERTIME
What fuel economy standards might address AIRQUALITY
Words when throwing caution to the wind SCREWIT
___ bra DEMI
___ tag LASER
___ the 25-Down, founder of the kingdom of Hawaii KAMEHAMEHA