USA Today - Oct 13 2021

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Clues Answers
'Ahhh, a spider!' EEK
'Aw, shucks!' OHGEE
'Good joke!' HAHA
'OK, let's hear it' ILLBITE
'Please spare me the details!' TMI
'This ___ to be a joke' HAS
A long time AGES
A long time ___ AGO
All, in Spanish TODOS
Alternative to cable internet DSL
Arrange in order SORT
Automaker headquartered in Seoul KIA
B-school course ECON
B-school degree MBA
Bone near the serratus anterior RIB
Botch the job BLOWIT
Buttonless top TEE
Chamomile or peppermint beverages HERBALTEAS
Contacted privately on TikTok DMED
Deserve to get MERIT
Disorganized state MESS
Duo plus one TRIO
Fish sauce amount (Abbr.) TSP
Fruit added to bran flakes RAISIN
Gets higher RISES
Glycolic and hyaluronic, e.g ACIDS
Hermano de una madre TIO
Homophone of 'Dane' DEIGN
Hunts for food PREYS
In unison ASONE
Inquires ASKS
Japanese bridal garment WEDDINGKIMONO
Khauk swe thoke fruits LIMES
Lecture jottings NOTES
Lends support to AIDS
Most populous city in Belarus MINSK
Name that's an anagram of 'name' MENA
Not as tight a fit LOOSER
Clues Answers
Nothing, in Spanish NADA
Olden times YORE
Oppose authority REBEL
Painter Neilson ANNE
Part of a watch DIAL
Part of town AREA
Pennsylvania city home to Waldameer & Water World ERIE
Place for a mattress BED
Prefix for 'present' OMNI
Props for painters EASELS
Regarding ASTO
Remove soap from RINSE
Rock involved in fracking SHALE
San ___ State University DIEGO
Sheep that sounds like a letter EWE
Simit bread middles HOLES
Slow-cooked Filipino dish ADOBO
Some Insta posts ADS
Stockholm Palace line SWEDISHMONARCHY
Sun-dried brick ADOBE
Swimming pool division LANE
Target Field outing for the Twins, e.g HOMEGAME
Tibetan spiritual leaders LAMAS
Took out a loan, for example BORROWEDMONEY
Took root SETIN
Try to sell PEDDLE
Unencrypt DECODE
Unsuccessful competitor LOSER
URL ending for a charity ORG
Use soap on WASH
Very bright colors NEONS
Was in the loop KNEW
Waterproof covering TARP
Winter weather events ICESTORMS
Winter weather events SNOWS
Word after 'Warner' or 'Super Smash' BROS
___ and tris (muscle group) BIS
___ chamber ECHO