- Sep 9 2021

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Clues Answers
''Ah!'' ISEE
''Ain't gonna happen'' UHUH
''Butt out!'' initialism MYOB
''Jabberwocky'' opener TWAS
''M*A*S*H'' transport CHOPPER
''Nova'' network PBS
56 Across' currency EURO
Addr. line, at times POBOX
Alpine water source EVIAN
Apply lightly DABON
Approve of OKAY
Barnyard sound BLEAT
Based on 8 OCTAL
Beats on sheets EKGS
Bob Woodward alma mater YALE
Bring to mind EVOKE
Calendar watch reading FRI
Choice word WHICH
Cleverly done NEAT
Common MBA prerequisite GRE
Concluding bit of music OUTRO
Croat's neighbor SLOVENE
Crude cartel OPEC
Damon's pal AFFLECK
Dickensian kid TIM
Disney's follow-up to ''Dumbo'' BAMBI
Foam-dart propeller NERFGUN
General at Antietam MCCLELLAN
Grisham's literary colleague TUROW
Guitar device CAPO
Hammer handler HOMEBUILDER
Hammer handler XYLOPHONIST
Hammer handler AUCTIONEER
Hammer handler PIANOMAKER
Homes in branches NESTS
Inconvenient to carry BULKY
Intern, for instance AIDE
Internal flash IDEA
Clues Answers
Invitation exhortation RSVP
Isn't tactful, say ERRS
Jazz singer James ETTA
Jazz singer Laine CLEO
John, in Wales EVAN
Keeps one's headhunter busy JOBHOPS
Knight at the movies JEDI
Leak symptom DRIP
Louisville's river OHIO
Lucid SANE
Must pay OWE
Mystery writing award EDGAR
Neckwear on a Michener stamp LEI
Neighbor of the Simpsons NED
Not in concert SOLO
Optimism metaphor RAYOFHOPE
Over-overeager RABID
Pendulum direction FRO
PR ''performance'' SPIN
Product that may be puffed RICE
Profit pool, so to speak PIE
Reliable expert PRO
Reserve a room BOOK
Safari transportation ATV
Sharp break SNAP
Sign after the Twins CRAB
Soft rock LAVA
Stay away from EVADE
Stays put SITS
Stow, as a sword SHEATHE
Super buy STEAL
Super-sizzling WHITEHOT
Sushi bar mushroom ENOKI
The Williamses, e.g NETWOMEN
Things we share OURS
What stars call MGM METRO
Wheel-shaped cheese BRIE