USA Today - Oct 7 2021

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Clues Answers
'Didn't need to know that' TMI
'For Sama' journalist Al-Kateab WAAD
'Loud' plant POT
'Relax!' CHILL
'The grass is always ___ on the other side' GREENER
'Yes' at the altar IDO
'___ the only one?' AMI
A 'hot' one is controversial TAKE
Alternatives to trackpads MICE
Assistant AIDE
Avoid SHUN
Become worthy of EARN
Blown away AWED
Camera type (Abbr.) SLR
Campfire treat SMORE
Car with a four-ring logo AUDI
Chant for Megan Rapinoe's team USA
Coffeehouse artisan BARISTA
Corn unit EAR
Cornfield unit ACRE
Cut into pieces CHOP
Dentist's image XRAY
Director Murai HIRO
Do some boxing training SPAR
Donating for a transfusion GIVINGBLOOD
Effortlessness EASE
Five-digit postal code ZIP
Flour in a sultsina RYE
Give a round of applause CLAP
Give off EMIT
Grime GUNK
Had some qatayef, e.g ATE
Home to the tallest mountain in southern Africa LESOTHO
Human geography, education, economics and others SOCIALSCIENCES
Image that's out of focus BLUR
Ingredient in marshmallows GELATIN
Insurance brand represented by a gecko GEICO
Its N stands for 'number' PIN
King of diamonds, for example CARD
Clues Answers
Laze in the sun BASK
Lentil-and-rice cake that might be served with chutney IDLI
Level above the ground floor SECONDSTORY
Michelin offering TIRE
Neither/___ NOR
Newspaper think piece OPED
NYSE event IPO
Obscured by air pollution HAZY
Outermost planet in our solar system NEPTUNE
Overly inquisitive NOSY
Philly Ivy PENN
Piece of pie SLICE
Pointy feature on a church SPIRE
Pork cut LOIN
Prefix for 'economics' or 'nutrients' MACRO
Puts a cold pack on ICES
Relinquish CEDE
Rescue from danger SAVE
Ricelike pasta ORZO
Show with a Miami-based spinoff CSI
Sink in the middle SAG
Six-legged marcher ANT
Sleeping sound SNORE
Small, to a Scot WEE
Smile GRIN
Something booked by a band GIG
Tai ___ CHI
Talk show host Fumudoh ZIWE
Tear to shreds RIP
The Supremes or the Powerpuff Girls TRIO
Thing to call a king SIRE
Tool with teeth SAW
Touch down LAND
Wheel with teeth GEAR
Zero or one, but not one half INTEGER
___ Xing PED