USA Today - Sep 30 2021

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Clues Answers
'Anything ___ I can help you with?' ELSE
'Come in!' ENTER
'Couldn't have been me' story ALIBI
'Frozen' prince HANS
'Need an ark? I Noah guy!,' e.g PUN
'The ___ King' LION
'This isn't working for me anymore' IWANTOUT
'Zero chance!' NOSIR
Actor's prompt CUE
Airport security org TSA
Allows LETS
Aspire HOPE
Bag stowed in an overhead bin CARRYON
Be nosy SNOOP
Beverage with tapioca pearls BOBA
Bhutan's continent ASIA
Biblical garden EDEN
Bread eaten with saag paneer NAAN
Catwoman suit material, maybe LATEX
Chances ODDS
City with a Viking Ship Museum OSLO
Computer scientist Turing ALAN
Covered with frosting ICED
Cuddling at the park, e.g PDA
Cuts into cubes DICES
Desert rest stop OASIS
Down in the dumps GLUM
Dried plum PRUNE
Enjoy some horchata, say DRINK
Excessive speed HASTE
Expense you might get back after moving out SECURITYDEPOSIT
Fragrant evergreens PINES
Greeting known only to group members SECRETHANDSHAKE
High-fat, low-carb diet KETO
Laura of 'Marriage Story' DERN
Leftmost section of a freeway, often FASTLANE
Leg part guarded in soccer SHIN
Letters before QIA LGBT
Like 2022 EVEN
Clues Answers
Marijuana WEED
Mexican money PESOS
Modify EDIT
Mountain ___ (soda brand) DEW
NFL official REF
Not strict LAX
Org. that fights for trans rights ACLU
Owned HAD
Parent in some blended families STEPDAD
Party with glow sticks, maybe RAVE
Person who settles a bill PAYER
Plane place SKY
Plant with soothing gel ALOE
Polynesian paste POI
Post-shower powder TALC
Pound or gram, e.g UNIT
Prom queen's accessory, maybe SASH
Restless ANTSY
Reverberate ECHO
Review on Yelp, say RATE
Riding the struggle ___ (in a tough situation) BUS
Roof edges EAVES
Small criticism NIT
Spin around WHIRL
Streamer's annoyance LAG
The Floor Is ___ (children's game) LAVA
Three-syllable berry ACAI
Title for a vice president's husband SECONDGENTLEMAN
Touchscreen images ICONS
UFO passengers ETS
Video segment CLIP
Vientiane's country LAOS
Vigilant ALERT
YA fiction reader, usually TEEN
Young fellow LAD
Ziti shape TUBE
___ leches cake TRES
___ Yankee ('King of Reggaeton') DADDY