USA Today - Oct 1 2021

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Clues Answers
'Consider it done!' ISUREWILL
'Couldn't have said it better!' AMEN
'Here's when you can pick me up' stats (Abbr.) ETAS
'How Beautiful We ___' (Mbue novel) WERE
'I am awesome!' YAYME
'It's the end of an ___' ERA
'Once Upon a Mattress' veggie PEA
'Otherwise Unseeable' poet Sholl BETSY
'Watch later' devices DVRS
'___ the Cat: I Love My White Shoes' PETE
Ancient letter RUNE
Animated tweet attachments GIFS
Animator's creation, for short TOON
Apt name for a DNA analyst GENE
Baby kangaroos JOEYS
Bananagrams, e.g GAME
Besides ALSO
Bewilder DAZE
Big heads EGOS
Billboards, e.g ADS
Canadian people CREE
Canadian people METIS
Cap and gown wearer, for short GRAD
Counterpart of 'thx' PLS
De-wrinkle IRON
Degrees for some execs MBAS
Education pioneer Comstock ADA
Emmy winner Daly TYNE
Enthusiasm VERVE
Ernie's partner BERT
Feature of a TikTok trend, maybe DANCEMOVE
Flake at the last minute BAIL
Flatbreads made with atta ROTIS
Flies, to spiders PREY
Guardian with a halo ANGEL
Gynmastics move FLIP
Harvest REAP
Have a debate ARGUE
Clues Answers
Hawaii achieved it in 1959 STATEHOOD
Invisible vehicle for Wonder Woman JET
Language with fingerspelling (Abbr.) ASL
Leave in a ___ (storm out) HUFF
Like a well-___ machine OILED
Little jump HOP
Lose fur SHED
Make beer BREW
Maker of the Discman SONY
Non-PC desktop IMAC
Not at risk SAFE
Not fictitious REAL
Partner of every EACH
Pueblo people TEWA
Rings up CALLS
Rush to meet a deadline RACEAGAINSTTIME
Russian denial that's an anagram of 31-Down NYET
Secret languages CODES
Shades of color TONES
Shed tears WEEP
Skin care brand OLAY
Smoke alarm sound BEEP
Solo for Simon Estes ARIA
Steady look GAZE
Stevie Nicks hit sampled in 'Bootylicious' EDGEOFSEVENTEEN
Suffix with 'snooze' or 'Oktober' FEST
Tippy top ACME
Titular radio show in a 2014 Tessa Thompson film DEARWHITEPEOPLE
Tosses in ADDS
Totally healed CURED
Trade insults SPAR
Unoccupied FREE
Wake up too late OVERSLEEP
Welcome to the family ADOPT
Whale with the same color scheme as a crossword ORCA
Winter vehicle SLED
Word akin to 'ain't' ARENT
___ date (current) UPTO