Wall Street Journal - Sep 8 2021 - Unscripted

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Clues Answers
“Good angels fly ___ thy royal head”: “Henry VIII” OER
“Jurassic Park” sight, for short DINO
“Rawhide” singer Frankie LAINE
“Well, aren’t we special!” LADIDA
*“Goodness gracious!” OHDEARME
*Bandleader who had a “Kollege of Musical Knowledge” KAYKYSER
*Lost city of legend ELDORADO
*Request on a video store sign BEKINDREWIND
*Salmon’s cousin SEATROUT
A mirage might appear to be one OASIS
Abbr. in footnotes ETAL
Apply, as an effort EXERT
Battle of Gettysburg general George MEADE
Become less demanding EASEUP
Blackmailer or arsonist, e.g FELON
Brand that used an oil drop mascot ESSO
Bygone OLD
Caramel-filled candies ROLOS
Carpenter’s wedge SHIM
Check out EYE
Clever retort RIPOSTE
Combines MELDS
Cursive alternative, and the starts of the starred answers, phonetically BLOCKLETTERS
Cut (off) LOP
Deli delicacy LOX
Diametrically opposite POLAR
Digression ASIDE
Door sign ENTER
Dry as a bone ARID
Expresses disapproval TSKTSKS
Fielding flub ERROR
Flaxen fabric LINEN
Flightless bird of the past DODO
Clues Answers
Free of danger NORISK
Honda minivan ODYSSEY
In need of a massage, perhaps SORE
Landlocked Asian nation LAOS
Lord high executioner in “The Mikado” KOKO
Milk sugar LACTOSE
Mineral found on Mars in 2008 OPAL
Not normal ODD
Parlor offering TATTOO
Part of an Adelphi address EDU
Penn of TV’s “Clarice” KAL
Pervasive smell ODOR
Pickle BIND
Poignant winds OBOES
Portion for Mother Hubbard’s dog NONE
Profound wonder AWE
Pueblo dwellers HOPIS
Religious recesses APSES
Research sch INST
River through Venezuela ORINOCO
Roused WOKEN
Rug rats TYKES
Samuel for whom a New York Harbor island is named ELLIS
Slow flow TRICKLE
Still having a chance to win ALIVE
Sty cry OINK
Summer of music DONNA
Supreme Court justice since 2006 ALITO
The Everly Brothers, e.g DUO
Travel destination INN
University of New Mexico athlete LOBO
Vegetable in many Chinese dishes SNOWPEA
Word ignored when alphabetizing THE