New York Times - Sep 7 2021

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Clues Answers
'Ah, gotcha' ISEE
'Can this be happening?' ISITREAL
'I'm gonna pass' NAH
'Steady as ___ goes' SHE
'That's right!' YEAH
'The Fountainhead' author AYNRAND
2019 event for Zoom, in brief IPO
Absolutely loved ATEUP
Actor Beatty NED
Alternative to shoelaces VELCRO
Angel's opposite DEVIL
Anticipate with trepidation DREAD
Bamboozles CONS
Bend at the barre PLIE
Bend out of shape WARP
Bring in from the field REAP
Butter serving PAT
Christina of 2003's 'Monster' RICCI
Corn maze measure ACRE
Country separating Togo from Ivory Coast GHANA
Danny of 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' DEVITO
Described vividly DEPICTED
Fancy Mediterranean estate VILLA
Fish in an ornamental pond KOI
Founder of Zoom ERICYUAN
Greek god after whom an ocean is named ATLAS
Hayek of 2002's 'Frida' SALMA
Hazmat regulator OSHA
Is a success on the market SELLS
Jessica of 'Valentine's Day' BIEL
Junction points NODES
Just sitting around IDLE
Kind of palm tree in Central and South America ACAI
Last step in telephone instructions, often PRESSPOUND
Less cordial ICIER
Like a post-workout CrossFitter SWEATY
Many a guide dog LABRADOR
Mascara shelfmates EYELINERS
Clues Answers
Most Valuable Player and others AWARDS
Music genre for 21 Savage and 42 Dugg RAP
Nail ___ SPA
Not easily achieved HARDWON
November parade participants, informally VETS
Obnoxious sort SNOT
Official with a protective vest UMP
One getting top billing LEAD
Out-and-out falsehoods NAKEDLIES
Partner in battle ALLY
Police car CRUISER
Pot covers LIDS
Prefix with technology NANO
Protective wear for a grillmaster APRON
Quintet on a Chinese flag STARS
Regarding ASTO
Registration table items IDTAGS
Regret RUE
Ripen, say ... or show embarrassment TURNRED
Say something not nice about DIS
Scathing review PAN
Seemingly forever EONS
Short albums, for short EPS
Some TikTok users TWEENS
Sound system component AMP
Spoke hoarsely, like a blacksmith? RASPED
Spread on a banh mi MAYO
Square dance maneuver DOSIDO
Talks one's mouth off YAPS
Theatrical backdrop SET
Third-largest of the world's oceans INDIAN
Truly amazed AWED
Versatile blackjack card ACE
Wash away gradually ERODE
What 'V' may stand for in electronics VOLT
What the ends of 17-, 21-, 37-, 39- and 55-Across are CURRENCIES
What thoughtless people may be on? AUTO
You might see a big bill from this at a pet shop TOUCAN