- Sep 6 2021

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Clues Answers
''Guided'' vacation TOUR
''Not guilty,'' for one PLEA
Aladdin's magical pal GENIE
Alan of ''M*A*S*H'' ALDA
Angler's worm BAIT
Apple's music players IPODS
Boat that's paddled CANOE
Car with a meter TAXI
Catches on to GETS
Clickable computer image ICON
Compact-__ player (audio device) DISC
Competes at an auction BIDS
Crimson and scarlet REDS
Decorated anew REDID
Deep sleep COMA
Detergent's lather SUDS
Envelope's metal fastener CLASP
Frightens SCARES
German auto AUDI
Great enthusiasm ARDOR
Great __ (large dog) DANE
Gulp from a flask SWIG
Have the leading role STAR
Hawaiian feast LUAU
Healthful resorts SPAS
Home for a robin NEST
Hunt like a tiger PROWL
Idolize ADORE
Impolite glance LEER
In addition ALSO
Isn't truthful LIES
Loop on a rope NOOSE
Mail away SEND
Make amends ATONE
Minor fender bumps DENTS
Morse code ''Help!'' message SOS
Most prudent WISEST
Muscle twinges SPASMS
Clues Answers
Nary a soul NOONE
Natural bandage SCAB
Neglect to include OMIT
Parts of poems VERSES
Pepsi or Coke COLA
Playful antic CAPER
Poems of praise ODES
Pub seats STOOLS
Raisin __ (cereal variety) BRAN
Regretted RUED
Roaring feline LION
Rows of people waiting LINES
Sales agents, for short REPS
Seasoning in a shaker SALT
Shape of a funnel CONE
Share a border with ABUT
Short stride STEP
Sleeper's noise SNORE
Slowly became clear SANKIN
Started one's day WOKEUP
Submarine navigation device SONAR
Swampy grounds BOGS
Tight-fitting SNUG
Trusted advisor GURU
Vatican City leader POPE
Vessels carrying petroleum OILERS
Vinyl inserts into ATMs BANKCARDS
Vinyl plumbing conduits WATERPIPES
Vinyl transparent covering for a fruit package SHRINKWRAP
Vinyl wet-weather garments RAINCOATS
Voicemail signal TONE
Vows exchanged at weddings IDOS
Wanderer NOMAD
Winery tanks VATS
Woodwind instrument OBOE
__ for (chooses) OPTS
__ of measure (gallon or mile) UNIT
__-Bits (letter-shaped cereal) ALPHA
__-fashioned (quaint) OLD