New York Times - Sep 6 2021

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Clues Answers
'Once ___ a time' UPON
'That tastes bad!' UGH
*Asian American who became only the second woman to win the Oscar for Best Director CHLOEZHAO
*Atlanta rapper featured on Lizzo's Grammy-nominated 'Exactly How I Feel' GUCCIMANE
*Longest resident performer at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace CELINEDION
*Runway model famous for her work as a Victoria's Secret Angel CHANELIMAN
Ache (for) YEARN
Agcy. dealing with workplace accidents OSHA
All wound up TENSE
Altoids containers TINS
Animals around the house PETS
AOL, for one ISP
Arctic dweller INUIT
Bachelor party attendee GROOMSMAN
Baked pudding of potatoes or noodles in Jewish cooking KUGEL
Belligerent, in London AGGRO
Biol. or chem SCI
Bishop's hat MITER
Bit of bread CRUMB
Book of maps ATLAS
Budweiser and Beck's BEERS
Candy item in foil KISS
Chocolate-flavored coffee MOCHA
Cold drink with caffeine ICEDLATTE
Collection of songs ALBUM
Combat sport on pay-per-view, in brief MMA
Command between 'ready' and 'fire' AIM
Cowboy's rope RIATA
D.C. 'Squad' member AOC
Did a sketch DREW
Dispenser candy PEZ
Disturb, as sediment ROIL
Dunkable cookies OREOS
Elvis's wife PRISCILLA
Fashionable ... or where you might find the starts of the answers to the starred clues INVOGUE
Goes in ENTERS
Got some shut-eye SLEPT
Have ___ in one's belfry BATS
Clues Answers
HBO's 'Real Time With Bill ___' MAHER
Increase unnecessarily, as an expense report PAD
Inventor Whitney ELI
Italian city where Columbus was born GENOA
Jewish community center, for short YMHA
Kennel occupants DOGS
Like a basso's voice DEEP
Like oversize clothes BAGGY
Listened to HEARD
Loosen, as laces UNTIE
Match in opinion AGREE
More costly PRICIER
Mornings, informally AMS
MSNBC competitor CNN
Nimbleness AGILITY
On the up-and-up LEGIT
On the ___ of the moment SPUR
Once more AGAIN
One of ancient China's Three Kingdoms WEI
Penthouse or attic TOPFLOOR
Perplex BAFFLE
Place for a goatee CHIN
Rear end, to Brits ARSE
Response to a stimulus REACTION
Runaway success HIT
Saturday morning TV character TOON
Shrek's love FIONA
Some movie f/x CGI
Something to throw on a fire LOG
Split in two HALVE
Start of a playground rhyme EENIE
Stop and Yield SIGNS
Tennis court divider NET
Transport down a winter hill SLED
Vegetables in traditional moussaka EGGPLANTS
Vitality PEP
___ milk (nondairy choice) OAT
___ v. Wade ROE