L.A. Times Daily - Sep 5 2021

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Clues Answers
"... to say the __" LEAST
"Boy, am I dumb!" DUH
"Knives Out" filmmaker Johnson RIAN
"Peaceful Easy Feeling" group, with "The" EAGLES
"Ready Player One" hero Wade __ WATTS
"The Odd Couple" couple, e.g ROOMIES
"The Simpsons" creator Groening MATT
'50s prez IKE
53-Across, to Merkel ERDE
Asteroids producer ATARI
Attribute ASCRIBE
Basic bruise treatment ICEPACK
Biblical bloomer [Princess 2] EASTERLILY
Blowup aid TNT
Blue __: Dory's species TANG
Brown shade UMBER
Budding star's big moment DEBUT
Byzantine architecture features DOMES
Capital on the Nile CAIRO
Chinese culinary general TSO
Cola __ WARS
Common stained glass element LEAD
Cong. meeting SESS
Convenient, like some winter resorts SKIIN
Core values IDEALS
Courage SPINE
Darth Vader accessory CAPE
Direct approach BEELINE
Economic divisions SECTORS
Ed with Emmys ASNER
El Al's home: Abbr ISR
Eldest of the "Little Women" MEG
Encouraging word? ATTA
Energetic type PISTOL
Film noir plot device AMNESIA
Final Four game SEMI
Florence's river ARNO
Food wrapped in silk CORN
Former Labor secretary Elaine CHAO
Freaking out STRESSING
Friendly opening? ECO
Gadgets with teeth COMBS
Got under control TAMED
Groups of problem-solving specialists [Princess 1] TIGERTEAMS
Guitarist Paul LES
H.S. bigwigs SRS
Had the nerve DARED
Hindu princess RANI
Immortal football coach Amos Alonzo __ STAGG
Ineffective pitcher's fate, in baseball lingo [Villain 2] GETTINGTHEHOOK
Infuriate RILE
Invite to one's home ASKOVER
It's often made up in advance MIND
Jaye's "The Crying Game" role DIL
John Irving's "A Prayer for __ Meany" OWEN
Julep garnish SPRIG
Kids' building materials [Sidekick 1] TINKERTOYS
Knickknack TCHOTCHKE
Last Oscars host KIMMEL
Like a few hours after midnight WEE
Like talent, many say INNATE
Longtime ABC News anchor [Hero, 1] PETERJENNINGS
Look forward to AWAIT
Lorelei et al NYMPHS
Lost for now MISLAID
Luanda's land ANGOLA
Mardi Gras city, informally NOLA
Marvel supersoldier [Villain, 1] CAPTAINAMERICA
Matching pair SET
Menu selections ENTREES
Clues Answers
Messi's uniform number TEN
Metro stop: Abbr STA
Model Sastre INES
Most favorable OPTIMAL
Mystiques AURAS
Nancy Drew series author KEENE
Nastase of tennis ILIE
NBAer-cum-rap star ONEAL
Nose wrinklers ODORS
Note taker STENO
Novel category ROMANCE
Nutmeg spice MACE
Nuts seen in bars CASHEWS
Off-road vehicle TRAILBIKE
Oktoberfest quaff BIER
Old AT&T rival GTE
Old cereal box stats RDAS
Old dagger SNEE
Old Tokyo EDO
One of eight Yankee World Series victories SWEEP
One-hit wonder [Hero 2] FLASHINTHEPAN
Org. concerned with flight risks TSA
Org. for netmen ATP
Original Dungeons & Dragons co TSR
Oscar winner Redmayne EDDIE
P.O. box item LTR
Per __ ANNUM
Physical exam letters LDL
Piece of work TASK
Pip's love interest in "Great Expectations" ESTELLA
Place for a slam dunk MIDAIR
Prefix with Pen EPI
Put back RESTORE
Rapper Stanley Burrell, familiarly HAMMER
Ready to drive TEED
Reef formation ATOLL
Regional flora and fauna BIOTA
Renaissance artist __ Angelico FRA
Result of a drip, at times ICICLE
Rice and wheat GRASSES
Robin Roberts' show, initially GMA
Santa signal [Sidekick 2] SLEIGHBELL
Sch. with the mascot SuperFrog TCU
Script writer PEN
Slanted page OPED
Soldier's helmet TINHAT
Something for two, in song TEA
Soon, to a bard ANON
Sounds of thunder PEALS
Synthetic resin used in paint ALKYD
Take __: snooze ANAP
Terpsichore : dance :: __ : love poetry ERATO
Theoretically ONPAPER
They may be reserved TABLES
Third of eight EARTH
Toast starter HERES
Too big for one's own good OBESE
Touched down ALIT
Union member? SPOUSE
Violinist __ Frank PAMELA
Wanders about ROVES
Wrath IRE
Yankee quipper? BERRA
Yeshiva grad JEW
__ lane HOV
__ libre: poetry form VERS
__ perpetua: Idaho motto ESTO