Irish Times (Crosaire) - Sep 4 2021

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Clues Answers
'I know that I know nothing' - an insight of Plato or Socrates? ANCIENTWISDOM
As old as The Hills starting for all sides today ANCIENT
Bit of evidence concealed by United Nations DNA
Criminal sets up university college foundation with small lump NODULE
Drink with father from Oxford - a city synonymous with Syrians spending pounds? ALEPPO
Easy leaving, I dare say, as it's dry ARID
Far too old and fat, it's said, for the organisers of the first Olympics ANCIENTGREECE
Get shut of what's twisted in mixed nerve END
Gorblimey - without Boyle it's dire GRIM
Got nice and comfy in new Leeds building overlooking square NESTLED
Great selection of beers to pitch GROUND
Grow a reduced amount - sounds like something heard in agricultural college? LESSEN
How is this on the agenda to take the peas out of meat pies? ITEM
In a roundabout way, makes sense to Marsh to add starch STIFFEN
In an intense way, God-fearing type crosses Peter at The Centre HOTLY
In retrospect, finishes with 2 down in 20 down and in that there's gold NUGGET
Is capable of a good row with one of those familiar with Schull report OARSMAN
Jumble of characters in Henry James' Sacred Fount MESS
Lady's maid dismisses Adams in a lazy manner IDLY
Clues Answers
Name of the man upstairs according to Daniel Lord? ANCIENTOFDAYS
Noel's doctor rings Mike - it's grave SOLEMN
Old master knocks out Ted's wisdom tooth MOLAR
Recalls fresh starters of salad and wings in European capital WARSAW
Recognised in part, rebellious characters threw a sickie SAW
Rock near a port with cats? MUSICAL
Sent off, for example, for heading goal that should have been saved? NESTEGG
Some psychedelic food market DELI
State of mushrooms served up primarily with incredible sides of fried ray SPECIFY
Sycophants dismiss head of state in Asian country YEMEN
The right to see the best of what The Sun has to offer is a legal right, granted ANCIENTLIGHTS, for one? DOMAIN
Topic or problem raised by architect perhaps PORTICO
Turns up, English agent gets to ridicule Trim host COMPERE
Type of bush that grows up both sides of Tyrolean Mountain Peak PLANT
Unfolds oily cheesecloth? With a silky, crispy texture! TAFFETA
Uplifting fragment of favourite yarn of The Abominable Snowman YETI
VAT for most fish? TUN
What you might pay for sample of DO Rueda to knock back? EURO