Universal - Sep 3 2021

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Clues Answers
"Aren't you lucky!" MUSTBENICE
"Catch and Kill" author Farrow RONAN
"Did u solve 66-A?," e.g TEXT
"Hamilton" Tony nominee Phillipa SOO
"Ja" and "oui" YESES
"OK, you're in trouble now!" THATDOESIT
"So long!" SEEYA
Actress Vardalos NIA
Affordable fish? CHEAPSKATE
After expenses NET
Anonymous, say, for a troll SCREENNAME
App that disrupted the taxi business UBER
Appliance at a fair DEEPFRYER
Back talk LIP
Baja bar tender? PESO
Bay Area airport code SFO
Bay or beech TREE
Consume, like sashimi EATRAW
Cornel who wrote "Race Matters" WEST
Corny to the max CHEESEBALL
Country once ruled by the Pahlavi dynasty IRAN
Covert "Over here!" PSST
Dell competitor ACER
Dojo instructor SENSEI
Fish topped with cheese? RAYROMANO
Fitzgerald dubbed the First Lady of Song ELLA
Gradually weakens SAPS
Granite State sch UNH
Herb used to flavor pizzelle ANISE
Hollow out, as an olive PIT
Homs' home country SYRIA
Ipecac, e.g EMETIC
It may be full of chalk ERASER
James who sang "At Last" ETTA
Jobs that involve much filing? MANICURES
Late host Trebek ALEX
Clues Answers
Lead-in to "climate" MICRO
Like dorm dodgeball leagues INTRAMURAL
Many miles off AFAR
Mosquito bite aftermath ITCH
Much-used pencil NUB
Oliver Hardy's co-star STANLAUREL
Onetime RCA competitor EMI
Optima and Sorento KIAS
Parenthetical comment ASIDE
PC's bailout key ESC
Pop or rock MUSIC
Prepared oneself GOTSET
Printer supply INK
Ralph who finished third in 2000 NADER
Reid of "Sharknado" TARA
Sandy hill DUNE
Shoelace tip AGLET
Sit there brooding STEW
Small and insignificant PUNY
Some fishing cords? BASSLINES
South American caffeinated brew MATE
Stat based on weight and height BMI
The Golden State, to LL Cool J CALI
They don't have Windows MACS
Thwarted, as an evil plan FOILED
Took off WENT
Tough, chewy fish? RUBBERSOLE
Traveled by horseback RODE
Tylenol target ACHE
Typical TikTok user TEEN
Victoria's Secret merchandise BRAS
Villain, to a hero ENEMY
What Marx and Engels told workers of the world to do UNITE
Where a fall came early? EDEN
Where to look up the cast of "CSI" IMDB
Wired up onstage MIKED
___ platter (Polynesian appetizer) PUPU