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Clues Answers
"I — Say No" (song from "Oklahoma!") CAINT
"I'm outie!" CIAO
"Juno" actor Michael CERA
"Lawrence of Arabia" star OTOOLE
"Leave — that" ITAT
"Main Street" novelist SINCLAIRLEWIS
"Pacific Blue" actress Moakler SHANNA
"Rhyme Pays" rapper ICET
"U can't b serious!" OMG
"Well now!" OHO
"— be a pleasure" ITD
'60s hallucinogen LSD
1978-80 FBI sting ABSCAM
A Stooge MOE
A unified goal for the future ONEVISION
Additional person called on to peruse something FRESHPAIROFEYES
African desert SAHARA
Aquatic bird GULL
Ark "captain" NOAH
Authorize to LET
Average NORM
Bards' Muse ERATO
Best Actor winner Brody ADRIEN
Bit of jewelry with a single diamond SOLITAIRERING
Book you can't stop reading PAGETURNER
Bring to ruin DOIN
Cake candle count AGE
Camera part IRIS
Climbing vine IVY
Corporation combination MERGER
CPR teacher, maybe EMT
Cup's edge LIP
Curative stuff MEDICINE
Cut again, as lumber RESAW
Darth Vader, as a boy ANI
Dictator Amin IDI
Didn't move any closer STAYEDBACK
Div. of NYC BOR
Doesn't delay ACTS
Ducted cooling system (and what nine answers in this puzzle have) CENTRALAIR
Ebbed and flowed, as water TIDED
Egg, in Paris OEUF
English class concern GRAMMAR
Essential KEY
Explosion fragments SHRAPNEL
Feel hopeless about DESPAIROVER
Female cells OVA
Fiery felony ARSON
Fills with a crayon, say COLORSIN
Fire residue ASH
Foldaway bed or table, e.g SPACESAVER
Frankfurter WIENER
GI's chaplain PADRE
Gin flavorer SLOE
Go astray ERR
Gps. such as Oxfam and CARE NGOS
Granola bit OAT
Guitar part NECK
Hagen of the stage UTA
Has a helping of humble pie EATSCROW
Hearer of court evidence JUROR
Hearer of court evidence TRIER
Hip-hop producer Gotti IRV
How silverware is often sold ASASET
Increases UPS
Invalidate VOID
It cuts grass MOWER
Jewish feasts SEDERS
John, across the pond IAN
John, across the pond LOO
Clues Answers
Lady of Sp SRA
Lampoons SATIRES
Legendary title figure of a 1999 horror film THEBLAIRWITCH
Like engines in neutral IDLING
Like some simple questions YESNO
Lingerie top BRA
Longtime "Masterpiece Theatre" host ALISTAIRCOOKE
Mag. sales stat CIRC
Malicious MEAN
Masters peg TEE
McDonald's honcho Ray KROC
Mentalist Geller URI
Mil. bigwig SGT
Minuscule WEE
Not flustered CALM
Nourished FED
O'Hare abbr ETA
Ocean off Fla ATL
Off the hook EXEMPT
Old anesthetic ETHER
Option for bitter greens ENDIVE
OR workers DRS
Outback bird EMU
Palmer of golf, to fans ARNIE
Pi-sigma link RHO
Pounced on LEAPTAT
Practice exam, maybe PRETEST
Premaritally named NEE
Pupil's book TEXT
Rainy mo APR
Rarity in golf ACE
Really baffled ATSEA
Reef material CORAL
Ribbed cloth for dresses TRICOT
Richie's mom, to Fonzie MRSC
Runner's pain CRAMP
Sales check: Abbr RCT
Samuel of justice ALITO
Service cost FEE
Six, in Italy SEI
Skirt borders HEMS
Some schoolkids' judged constructions SCIENCEFAIRPROJECTS
Sporting site ARENA
Star status FAME
Start for historic PRE
Startle ALARM
State flower of Iowa WILDPRAIRIEROSE
Sticky sealant TAR
Sticky stuff SAP
Sticky stuff TAPE
String after J KLMN
Suffix with Gotham ITE
Swedish retail giant IKEA
Swindles DUPES
Texas capital AUSTIN
Tic-toe link TAC
Times of trouble with tresses BADHAIRDAYS
Tom Jones' "— Lady" SHESA
Tony winner Bernadette PETERS
Took back, as one's title REWON
Tours' river LOIRE
UV ray-blocking stat SPF
Wapiti ELK
Witness SEE
— -arms (old soldier) MANAT
— about (circa) ONOR
— cotta TERRA
— funk (sad) INA
— Grande RIO