New York Times - Sep 1 2021

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Clues Answers
'Come now, it'll be OK' DONTYOUFRET
'I'm game' LETS
'Lookout' signal, in brief APB
'My take is ...' IDSAY
'Nevertheless ... look at our current situation' ANDYETHEREWEARE
'Shoot!' DANG
'Wowza!' MAN
1948 western starring Bob Hope as 'Painless' Potter THEPALEFACE
Actress Angela of 'How Stella Got Her Groove Back' BASSETT
Anybody home? EARTH
Bad break BUMDEAL
Bench with a back PEW
Body feature for roughly 90% of people INNIE
Budget carrier from 1993 to 2014 AIRTRAN
Carmichael who composed 'Heart and Soul' HOAGY
Certain recyclable PAPER
Channel owned by Disney ESPN
Comedian Wanda SYKES
Dark purple fruit ACAI
Difficult to understand BEYONDONESGRASP
Easy ___ ASPIE
Exclamation upon seeing this puzzle THATSABIGIF
Farm cry BLEAT
Fire proof? ASH
G.I. entertainers USO
Good as new ALLFIXED
Grass-roots group focused on addressing climate change SUNRISEMOVEMENT
Health class subj STD
Hunky-dory DANDY
Japan's largest beer brand ASAHI
Letter after pi RHO
Letters on the '3' button DEF
Like the majority of Iraqis and Bahrainis SHIA
Main ingredient in the Japanese dish tamagoyaki EGG
McKellen who played Gandalf IAN
Clues Answers
Message often written in large letters SOS
Midsection section, informally ABS
Mo. during which the N.B.A. All-Star Game is usually played FEB
Most out there ZANIEST
Nickname for the Miami Dolphins, with 'the' FINS
Nurse, as a beer SIPON
Onetime Russian space station MIR
Online help page, for short FAQ
Open ___ (plan to pay later) ATAB
Party invite inits BYO
Performed very well on ACED
Performer known as the 'King of Latin Pop' ENRIQUEIGLESIAS
Pop singer known for performing in a face-obscuring wig SIA
Priceless keepsakes? GIFTRECEIPTS
Pull-up muscle, for short LAT
Put numbers on the board SCORE
Requirements NEEDS
Rose Granger-Weasley, to Harry Potter NIECE
Rose of rock AXL
Sch. whose campus contains Washington Square Park NYU
Sign INK
Slip past ELUDE
Soft murmur COO
Suffix with Gator ADE
The 'S' of iOS: Abbr SYS
The Spartans of the N.C.A.A MSU
They can rate up to 350,000 on the Scoville scale HABANEROPEPPERS
This, in Spanish ESO
U.K. honour OBE
Wallet items IDS
Website with much custom-designed jewelry ETSY
Weed POT
Word on either side of 'à' VIS
Young newt EFT
___ Stardust, alter ego of David Bowie ZIGGY