The Times - Cryptic - Times Quick Cryptic No 1952

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Clues Answers
Article Rosie emptied in that place THERE
Bit of a word quietly by referee, and football team retreating PREFIX
Bluish-grey pan SLATE
Boss meets key member where horses are bred stud farm
Brandished baking ingredient one dropped FLOURISHED
Bury — popular market, quite popular ultimately INTER
Central sections of park tidy and dry ARID
Cry of bird bearing large talon CLAW
Desmond initially knowing best type of computer DESKTOP
Each gang around noon receiving payment for work EARNING
Fake art's sculpted by European unknown ERSATZ
Fireplace large, we hear GRATE
In contest, he taunted Greek character THETA
Clues Answers
Irritable newsman Gary's outside EDGY
Is the suspect, after drink knocked back, most aggressive? PUSHIEST
Ladies and Gents south of Waterloo vacant WOMEN
Lame inspector's guided by Jack DISABLED
Like to broadcast new author TOLKIEN
Make-up remains on daughter, hastily and carelessly done SLAPDASH
Move equipment — upset artist's pet perhaps BUDGERIGAR
One of five kids with constant energy gets fruit QUINCE
Printing mistake, rare, unsettled corporation ERRATUM
Religious adherent's tunic regularly appeared in joke JESUIT
Reluctant individual overlooking an area of Scotland LOTHIAN
Rubbish book found in outbuilding GARBAGE
Scrap a safety test, on reflection ATOM