Wall Street Journal - Jul 2 2010 - July 2, 2010 - Skipping the Country

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Clues Answers
'Alas!' SOSAD
'Catch Me If You Can' carrier PANAM
'Il Trovatore' heroine LEONORA
'No more!' THATSALL
'South Pacific' nurse NELLIE
'Survivor' side TRIBE
'The Planets' composer HOLST
'Typee' sequel OMOO
'Uh-uh!' NAH
'West Side Story' song COOL
*Balboa, e.g. CONQUISTADOR
*It contains 64 parishes LOUISIANA
*Like Indian summer weather UNSEASONABLE
*Like some performances and debts OUTSTANDING
*Mardi Gras, literally FATTUESDAY
*Official who hears complaints OMBUDSMAN
*Raider in the Pro Football Hall of Fame GENEUPSHAW
*They may be beyond one's control CIRCUMSTANCES
1976 Hall & Oates hit SHESGONE
Alligator's kin CAIMAN
Another name for Cupid AMOR
Anthem opener OSAY
Antiquated MOSSY
Apple's apple, e.g. LOGO
Aunt with a 'Cope Book' ERMA
Bill line SALESTAX
Bit of force DYNE
Blessing preceder SNEEZE
Boat's backbone KEEL
Bombazine, e.g. TWILL
Caramel candies ROLOS
Card count at Caesar's casino? LII
Cardinal, informally REDHAT
Causing goose bumps SCARY
Cheerios grain OAT
Circus team AERIALISTS
Company whose name means 'to the skies' ELAL
Contracting figure PRICEQUOTE
Counselors' workplace CAMP
Country singer David Allan ___ COE
Country that skips every other letter in the starred answers USA
CPR expert EMT
Cry of innocence NOTME
Cub Scout leader AKELA
Cube creator RUBIK
Cup holder TEATRAY
Danseur's step PAS
Delights ELATES
Doesn't disturb LETSBE
Dorothy, to Em NIECE
Elton John's 'Don't Let the Sun Go Down ___' ONME
Entre ___ NOUS
Epic journeys ODYSSEYS
Feature of the key of F major ONEFLAT
Filmmaker daughter of Robert F. Kennedy RORY
Firm finish INC
First word of 'Citizen Kane' ROSEBUD
Footnote abbr. IBID
Formal promise? ISHALL
Fourth of July noisemaker CHERRYBOMB
Gaelic tongue ERSE
Garth Brooks, by birth TULSAN
Georgia of 'The Mary Tyler Moore Show' ENGEL
German painter Nolde EMIL
Haleakala setting MAUI
Hard work SWEAT
Helm heading ENE
Ho-hum BLAH
Household nickname SIS
Ike's arena, briefly ETO
Clues Answers
Incinerator product ASHES
Iraqi port BASRA
It comes between goo and pan GAI
It's bigger than med. LGE
It's carried by runners SLED
It's dammed at Iriklinsky URAL
It's put on top of a stack SYRUP
Its theme song is 'Who Are You' CSI
Jockeys may put them on CDS
Ketch components MASTS
Kind of bar or torch TIKI
Knew somehow FELT
Krupskaya's husband LENIN
Lang of Superboy comics LANA
Mandolin's cousin LUTE
Many beer signs NEONLIGHTS
Match stopper, for short TKO
Means to ___ ANEND
Midway coin TOKEN
More severe ACUTER
Mule's mom MARE
Nutrition info amt. CALS
One performing quality checks GAUGER
Pandora's boxful ILLS
Peculiarity TIC
Penlight battery AAA
Pic on a pec TAT
Plead innocent to DENY
Popular times for Tours tours ETES
Pot seeds? ANTES
Proficient ABLE
Raiders' org. FBI
RB's coups TDS
Renewable energy type SOLAR
Rent-___ ACAR
Rent-___ ACOP
Requests from regulars USUALS
Roger Rabbit, for one TOON
Sch. with the Jackie Robinson Stadium UCLA
Section in a yrbk. SRS
Showing shock AGAPE
Slopes fanatic SKIBUM
SoHo or NoHo AREA
Some Asian spirits SAKES
Some Roman sculptures APOLLOS
Soup legumes LENTILS
SSgt, e.g. NCO
Sta-___ (fabric softener brand) PUF
Starting time for some NINE
Store founder whose first two names were Rowland Hussey MACY
Swindle SCAM
Taylor's 'A Place in the Sun' co-star CLIFT
Tennyson lady ENID
They open Windows USERS
They're right in front of U RST
Tom Harkin, for one IOWAN
Tony Kushner has won three OBIES
Two-time loser to Dwight ADLAI
Wedding reception sight CAKE
Where swelling occurs SEA
Winter fender bender cause SKID
Worker protection org. OSHA
X Games airer ESPN