The Guardian - Cryptic crossword No 28,537 - Aug 30 2021

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Clues Answers
Are you sober? One may still find you're over the limit SPEEDCOP
Artist who is chippy about her work? SCULPTOR
Brighter chess player first to resign WHITER
Change 'observe' into the opposite OBVERSE
Description of 'baritone' heard in phone message VOICEMAIL
Djokovic, for one, involved in tenser battle SERB
Entourage play tennis here — and try to win COURT
Floral tribute to recollect the war WREATH
Game that could give you your big break? SNOOKER
Information about a class of art, perhaps GENRE
Irritable, as I tangled with four cats FRACTIOUS
Lower away, poltroon! COWARD
Make sense of Christmas poem? DECODE
Ointment's taken right off tray SALVE
Clues Answers
Overseas police turning out seem grand GENDARMES
Paper offering reflections? MIRROR
Pointedly, her work keeps her on her toes BALLERINA
Policeman's way of cutting hair close BOBBY
Priest welcomed by godly prior PREVIOUS
Small man had erection in the garden SHED
Spin senior put out is a con PRISONER
Such hair a golden stream? AUBURN
Supply seafood, holding big container FURNISH
To sprinkle with sugar is a drag DREDGE
Upset, remove lessons in religion for all time EVERMORE
What protects the ankle from fierce animal, it's said GAITER
Wild animal eating half of best legume LIMABEAN
Work on papers is burden OPPRESS