Irish Times (Simplex) - Aug 30 2021

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Clues Answers
''... Rider'' (film) EASY
Ant-like insect that feeds on wood TERMITE
Attack the good name of DEFAME
Cab lit up the sea BALTIC
Careful investigation into a subject RESEARCH
Charlotte, Emily and Anne BRONTE
Circus athlete ACROBAT
Cross-bred hunting dogs LURCHERS
Dark substance used in road surfaces ASPHALT
Encroachment on INROAD
Expresses strong disapproval of CONDEMNS
Familiar or humorous word by which someone is known NICKNAME
Hellenic republic GREECE
It drives rabbits from their holes FERRET
It's read at the opticians EYECHART
Italian cured pork PANCETTA
Clues Answers
Lifting devices HOISTS
Light meals SNACKS
Medium of transmission CHANNEL
Older trees? ELDERS
One thing on a list ITEM
Rebuke or expression of disappointment REPROACH
Reflex spasm with gulping sound or temporary problem HICCUP
Religious composition for voices and orchestra ORATORIO
Sharp rejoinder RETORT
Small South American monkey MARMOSET
Strong black coffee ESPRESSO
Take into custody ARREST
The witching hour MIDNIGHT
Thin slab of ceramic or slate TILE
Units of play in tennis SETS
Words made by rearranging the letters of others ANAGRAMS