New York Times - Oct 29 2001

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Clues Answers
'Darn!' RATS
'Ka-boom!' WHAM
'Les Trois Mousquetaires' author ALEXANDREDUMAS
'Marriage A-la-Mode' playwright, 1672 DRYDEN
'Star Wars' sage YODA
'Sweet as apple cider' girl IDA
15-Across with a twist IRONY
Actor Ray ALDO
Actress Streep MERYL
Alpine call YODEL
Area of India ASSAM
Arizona Indian HOPI
Baseball's Hershiser OREL
Brain-busting HARD
Broadway's 'Les ___' MIZ
Brother of Cain ABEL
Bull in an arena TORO
Chief Justice, 1941-46 STONE
Close NEAR
Concerning ANENT
Congeal CURD
Corporal, e.g. NONCOM
Court cry OYEZ
Day followers, in want ads EVES
Dee/Darin film '___ Man Answers' IFA
Dem.'s foe REP
End of the quote THATISOURMOTTO
Exigencies NEEDS
Expiate ATONE
Filched STOLE
Gangster's gal MOLL
Georgetown athlete HOYA
Girl of Green Gables ANNE
God of love AMOR
Greenish blue AQUA
Clues Answers
Huxtable boy THEO
Information DATA
Introvert LONER
Inventor of the stock ticker EDISON
It's said with a sigh ALAS
Lakers' O'Neal, informally SHAQ
Leg part SHIN
Lima's land PERU
Lounge LAZE
Low-calorie LITE
Mark Twain forte HUMOR
Middling SOSO
Montezuma, for one AZTEC
More of the quote ONEFORALL
Movie unit REEL
Nourishment FOOD
Old autocrat TSAR
One washing down a sidewalk, e.g. HOSER
Op-ed piece ESSAY
Prefix with surgery NEURO
Red light STOP
River past Buckingham OUSE
Rome's ___ Fountain TREVI
Simians APES
Snoop (on) SPY
Sotheby's stock ART
Start of a quote from 20-Across ALLFORONE
Tennis's Arthur ASHE
The March King SOUSA
To ___ it may concern WHOM
Took advantage of USED
United ASONE
Up till now SOFAR
Utah city OREM
Voucher CHIT
Where many Miamians were born CUBA
Worry FRET