L.A. Times Daily - Aug 29 2021

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Clues Answers
"Auld Lang __" SYNE
"Crazy" vocalist CLINE
"I __ noticed" HADNT
"I'm buying!" ONME
"The Gondoliers" bride TESSA
Absorbent fabric TERRY
Actor Morales ESAI
Actor Schreiber LIEV
Advice for runners' practice sessions? RACEYOURSELVES
Agronomist's concern SOIL
Bar on a truck AXLE
Bat prefix ACRO
Belgian artist James ENSOR
Biblical twin ESAU
Bird rarely on the wing RATITE
Blackthorn fruit SLOE
Blood bank fluids SERA
Bone near a calf SHIN
Boulevard feature MEDIAN
Bowling headache SPLIT
Brainstorm IDEATE
Bug, for one INSECT
Buzzed TIPSY
Carpenter's wedge SHIM
Cattle farm run by bigwigs? EXECUTIVERANCH
Cause for a claim LOSS
Cavern phenomenon ECHO
Change for a ten ONES
Chef's creation DISH
Chews like beavers GNAWS
Comfortable ATEASE
Company named for the exaggerated height of its tallish bottles NEHI
Concerto finale, perhaps RONDO
Cork's home EIRE
Corn unit EAR
Country whose name ends in the same three letters as its capital IRAN
Coup d'__ ETAT
Debtor's note IOU
Depend HINGE
Disobedient DEFIANT
Dreyfus defender ZOLA
Drop the ball ERR
Ducks org NHL
Early number? ETHER
Egyptian site of a historic 1799 discovery ROSETTA
Entertainment center sites DENS
Epithet for Henry Ford? FATHEROFTHERIDE
ER demand STAT
Expected result NORM
Fall mall hiree SANTA
Familiar greeting HELLO
Family guys SONS
Fashion initials YSL
Fast flight LAM
FD employee EMT
Feeling guilty ASHAMED
Fendi rival PRADA
First-class PRIMO
Flanged fastener TNUT
Free-for-all MELEE
French king ROI
French star ETOILE
Frozen Four org NCAA
Gets back to business REOPENS
Goal of an accord PEACE
Gull relative TERN
Had some 13-Down ATE
Harder to get SCARCER
Having a twist IRONIC
Heavy weight ONUS
Hide out LIELOW
Hot spot service WIFI
Clues Answers
Hottest, in a way SEXIEST
Impressive sights at affairs SPREADS
Industrial site PLANT
Invoice no AMT
Iraq War weapon: Abbr IED
Isolated work group that hinders corporate efficiency SILO
ISP option DSL
Japan's Mount __ ASO
Just right APT
Lawless role XENA
Like memories to smile about FOND
Like some promises EMPTY
Like some R-rated films EROTIC
Low USMC rank PFC
Lynn's father worked in one COALMINE
Magnate TYCOON
Many an MIT grad ENGR
Maya __, Vietnam Veterans Memorial designer LIN
MLB Hall of Famer Brock LOU
Moistens WETS
Mother of Isaac SARAH
Mountain gap NOTCH
NBA impossibility TIE
NFL passing stat ATT
Not as relaxed TENSER
Nueve y uno DIEZ
Org. concerned with youth substance abuse SADD
Org. created by the 1933 Banking Act FDIC
Pain pill target ACHE
Peace goddess IRENE
Pitt URL ending EDU
Playwright Simon NEIL
Poetic contraction NEER
Powerful fall cleanup tools? HYDRAULICRAKES
Primate genus HOMO
Provider of shade ELMTREE
Purplish veggie REDONION
Quarters for a spell caster? WITCHSROOM
Ramble on PRATE
Red Sea land ERITREA
Reindeer cousin ELK
Research university with a Boston campus TUFTS
Respected figure ELDER
Routing word VIA
School near Windsor ETON
Sense FEEL
Shades HUES
Ship-to-ship greetings AHOYS
Sierra's "other" OTRA
Smeltery input ORE
Sock part TOE
Sorrowful tune LAMENT
Spicy food truck items TAMALES
Sports venue where the home team hasn't won in years? RINKOFDISASTER
Stayed to the bitter end SAWITOUT
Sushi bar order AHI
Swan dive revelation ARMPIT
Tennis feature NET
Totaled RANTO
Tough goings SLOGS
Toys"R"Us giraffe mascot GEOFFREY
Trimming plans DIETS
TV weather promo about a storm threat? RAINTEASER
U.K. military award DSO
Victim of river diversion in Asia ARALSEA
Vinyl revival items: Abbr LPS
[Bo-ring!] SNORE
__ face POKER
__ Stephens: 2017 US Open Women's Singles champ SLOANE