- Aug 29 2021

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Clues Answers
''Another card'' HITME
''Beat it!'' SCRAM
''Burr'' novelist VIDAL
''Calvin and Hobbes'' girl SUSIE
''Gunga Din'' setting INDIA
''Just __ suspected'' ASI
''My husband __'' (part 1 of quote) TELLSEVERYBODYTHATIDO
''Nope'' UHUH
''The Last Jedi'' general LEIA
''Unto the Sons'' memoirist TALESE
''__ 'Sills solo''' (end of quote) CLUEINTHEWHOLEWORLDIS
''__ out!'' (ump's call) YER
'90s GM cars GEOS
1 Across apprentice INTERN
Accompanied RANWITH
Agricultural noun or verb SOW
Any sacrament RITE
Apt rhyme for ''pursues'' WOOS
Around a city URBAN
Article of faith TENET
Autobahn auto AUDI
Autumn apple RUSSET
Badger cousin OTTER
Be in the red OWE
Best possible OPTIMUM
Bill of Rights advocate ACLU
Bloc that includes Thailand and Indonesia ASEAN
Blue hue AZURE
Bottom of a lake BED
Capital on the Nile CAIRO
Capriciously ONAWHIM
Casual tops TEES
Collection from a quarry STONE
Constructed ERECTED
Digital read SCAN
Diner brewers URNS
Directional symbol ARROW
Doing nothing IDLE
Dude's ''How's things'' SUP
Early hrs AMS
Edit a lot REWORK
Eggs: Lat OVA
Extreme embrace BEARHUG
Facetious ''Who, me?'' MOI
Father/son literary surname DUMAS
Fighting forces TROOPS
Flatbreads of 46 Down NANS
Followed secretly TAILED
Former UN leader ANNAN
Four-legged protector GUARDDOG
Frozen food forename SARA
Gas station attendants FUELERS
Gemologist's measure CARAT
Gets through to REACHES
Glasgow denial NAE
Gold-filled Fort KNOX
Group with GPs AMA
Groups of lions PRIDES
Half a quart ONEPINT
Hands, unkindly PAWS
Horrified AGHAST
HP hardware PCS
Husky in voice THROATY
IM Pei alma mater MIT
In the neighborhood NEARBY
Jai alai basket CESTA
Japanese drama NOH
Like a fox VULPINE
Like curbside pickup orders TOGO
Clues Answers
Lingo suffix ESE
Make sense ADDUP
Makes a trade SWAPS
Marsh wader HERON
Military priest PADRE
Miller antihero LOMAN
Mongrels CURS
Mountains of ice BERGS
NHL extensions OTS
Of armadas NAVAL
Offer, as odds LAY
One in a clique INSIDER
Open, as a parka UNZIP
Parcel (out) DOLE
Part 3 of quote BRAGS
Part 4 of quote ABOUT
Passage to the sea INLET
PD rank SGT
Peanut-butter cup inventor REESE
Penne __ vodka ALLA
Plays along with HUMORS
Plum cousin SLOE
Preposterous INANE
Pretty tall SIXTWO
Put on the brakes SLOWED
Put on the brakes EASED
Quarterback's protectors, for short OLINE
Radiate, as charm EXUDE
Ranch mother MARE
Ready for kindergarten AGEFIVE
Really went by FLEW
Reunion attendee ALUM
Section of the psyche EGO
See 99 Down WILDE
Seesaw, essentially LEVER
Set eyes on SEE
Sewing machine inventor HOWE
Sitting Bull's people SIOUX
Slips up ERRS
Social asset CHARM
Something we share OURS
Sorority members, old-style COEDS
Standard practice CUSTOM
Steak order SIRLOIN
Steam engine inventor WATT
Stings some SMARTS
Streaming, in product names FLO
Stubborn equine ASS
Taurus preceder ARIES
Telemeeting service ZOOM
Tell-all articles EXPOSES
Thin cable WIRE
Tide descriptor NEAP
Tops the tank FILLSUP
Travel guide toter TOURIST
Tree sources of syrup MAPLES
TV hosts MCS
Ultimate letters XYZ
Ultimately become ENDAS
Uncertain conditions IFS
Vegan beverage SOYMILK
Venomous snake ADDER
Virtual emporium ESHOP
Visit via vehicle RIDEOVER
With 100 Down, Dorian Gray creator OSCAR
Workplace OFFICE
World's smallest republic NAURU
__-la-la TRA