L.A. Times Daily - Aug 27 2021

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Clues Answers
"Fab!" NEATO
"Give me your __" PAW
"Last four digits" IDs SSNS
"Not likely!" ASIF
"The Blacklist" agcy FBI
Amusement FUN
Analyze, in a way PARSE
Annie who voiced Bo Peep in "Toy Story 4" POTTS
Apt collie name SHEP
Barefoot UNSHOD
Be exemplary of TYPIFY
Bill promoting science? NYE
Bit of force DYNE
Blown lines, say FLUFFS
Brief digression ASIDE
Bro, e.g SIB
Cabernet or merlot RED
Captured WON
Cheering word OLE
Come up ARISEN
Common bike-lock design UBOLT
Consolatory post-failure reflection ITRIED
Cops, in slang POPO
Deadly viper ASP
Dickensian objects of pity WAIFS
Ending of a Greek story? OMEGA
Eponymous people of the Southwestern U.S UTE
Fair-hiring abbr EOE
First name in gospel MAHALIA
Furrow maker PLOW
Glittering headgear DIADEMS
Guilty, at times PLEA
Happening all over EPIDEMIC
Head turner ADONIS
Clues Answers
Hermana de la madre TIA
It was eighth in old Rome: Abbr OCT
Italian word that becomes its English synonym when "h" and "e" are added TRE
Jewish deli specialty KNISH
Kitchen set DINETTE
Ligurian Sea city GENOA
Low bones TARSI
Mall booth KIOSK
May and others CAPES
Michael Douglas' middle name KIRK
Musical skill EAR
Not just bad AWFUL
Old computers and cellphones, say EWASTE
On fire LIT
One can be public or sworn ENEMY
Org. that began as the National Congress of Mothers PTA
Pigeon's perch LEDGE
Process parts STEPS
Pt. of 19-Across ASSN
Purpose AIM
Represent ACTFOR
Sold for less, as a rule USED
Stuff GEAR
Subject to litigation SUABLE
Swimming __ TRUNKS
The home team gets the last ones LICKS
Tobacco wad CHAW
Togo neighbor GHANA
Veer off course YAW
Way to go ROUTE
Ways to go GAITS
Wicker material RATTAN
Word on Italian street signs VIA