Wall Street Journal - Aug 26 2021 - No-Names

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Clues Answers
“Da 5 Bloods” director LEE
“Heavens!” OHMY
“Hey, I’m new at this...” GOEASY
“When We Were Young” singer ADELE
A pack of cigarettes for one’s birthday? VICEPRESENT
Absolutely eat up ADORE
Ailment requiring less medication? LIGHTERFLU
Almond outline OVAL
Bee chaser CEE
Below zero: Abbr NEG
Benefiter of benching PEC
Binary question type YESNO
Birthday celebrators, often GIFTEES
Bout ender TKO
Breakfast sandwich feature FRIEDEGG
Bus taken by Kendrick Lamar? RAPTRANSIT
Cobbler’s needs APPLES
Commotion STIR
Cool, once HEP
Course figure PRO
Crime to which 17-, 25-, 51- and 58-Across have fallen victim IDENTITYTHEFT
Dance parties RAVES
Difficult to understand OPAQUE
Disciplines AREAS
Email button SEND
Essay TRY
Extended arm, in “I’m a Little Teapot” SPOUT
Firebug PYRO
Full of oomph ZESTY
Funny Fey TINA
Golfer nicknamed “The Slammer” SNEAD
Historian’s focus ERA
In ___ (gestating) UTERO
Investment objective WEALTH
It’s faster than a walk TROT
It’s good to be slow to it ANGER
Liable to slip into Cockney? ACCENTPRONE
Month of Epifanía ENERO
Clues Answers
Moral standards VALUES
Motion supporters YEAS
Mountain cryptid YETI
Moved a shell OARED
Musician’s asset EAR
Not just good HOLY
One might be steaming KETTLE
One of 21 for Meryl Streep OSCARNOD
One of a pair connected by Bluetooth to an iPhone AIRPOD
Pack leader ALPHA
Pig with a younger brother named George PEPPA
Plumber from the Mushroom Kingdom MARIO
Press IRON
Pride letters LGBTQ
River through Newcastle TYNE
Roald Dahl book made into a Spielberg movie THEBFG
Run on the banks? FLOOD
Rustic accommodations INN
Says hello, perhaps POPSIN
Senator’s wear TOGA
Signs off on OKS
Simon Legree’s creator STOWE
Singer with the 2017 platinum album “Ctrl” SZA
Skip Day participant SENIOR
Slumber party attire PJS
Source of answers ORACLE
Steve of “The Sarah Silverman Program” AGEE
Stock holder PEN
Table expander LEAF
Tattoo makeup INK
Top-notch GRADEA
Twisty shape ESS
Uber est ETA
Unclear, as a memory FOGGY
White House press secretary Psaki JEN
Worked up RILED
___-de-sac CUL