USA Today - Sep 24 2021

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Clues Answers
'From the Mixed-Up Files of ___ Basil E. Frankweiler' MRS
'Let's go!' CMON
'pls forgive me' SRY
'Quiet, please!' SHH
'Yuck!!' BLECH
'___ and the Last Dragon' RAYA
'___ Dark Materials' (series starring Dafne Keen) HIS
'___ luego' HASTA
Action at an auction BID
Ballroom performer DANCER
Basketball great Staley DAWN
Card at an eatery MENU
Cash App alternative VENMO
Chemical element in batteries LITHIUM
City in Nevada RENO
Colliding celebration CHESTBUMP
Cooking vessel PAN
Deduces INFERS
Does nothing IDLES
Drink whose P stands for 'pale' IPA
Fantasy film series shot in New Zealand, for short LOTR
Finish off USEUP
Flour factories MILLS
Flower that might be bearded IRIS
Frowned-upon action NONO
Furniture store that sells meatballs IKEA
Get ready PREP
Glossy SLEEK
Grouped as a duo PAIRED
Has on WEARS
Indoor walkway HALL
Kit with nail clippers MANICURESET
Language in Bad Bunny songs SPANISH
Leg joint KNEE
Letters indicating a nickname AKA
Lion's lair DEN
Luxury car initials BMW
Melissa McCarthy secret agent movie SPY
Name that's a palindrome ADA
Clues Answers
Nezi Momodu genre RAP
Part of a pedi FOOTMASSAGE
Period after Mardi Gras LENT
Person who still knows the Bagel Bites jingle by heart, perhaps NINETIESKID
Physics particle ION
Pics often taken in a mirror SELFIES
Piece of metal for train tracks RAILROADSPIKE
Pig's nose SNOUT
Place for winged liner EYE
Place to scuba dive OCEAN
Portals DOORS
Push forward PROPEL
Puts frosting on ICES
Relocates MOVES
Result of a lightbulb moment IDEA
Revered figure IDOL
Revered figure HERO
Sense of self-importance EGO
Shout of discovery EUREKA
Singer Horan NIALL
Snail's trail SLIME
Space Race country USSR
String of Ls SLUMP
Tasty, in Hawaiian ONO
There are 24 in a day (Abbr.) HRS
They hand out red cards REFS
Thompson with a self-titled NBC sitcom KENAN
Tirade RANT
Type of power SOLAR
Unseal OPEN
Water___ (water flosser brand) PIK
Winter Games gear SKIS
Word after 'rubber' or 'rock' BAND
Word used with 'neither' NOR
Young sheep LAMB
___ and improved NEW
___ coat (belted garment) TRENCH
___ list (series of tasks) TODO