USA Today - Sep 23 2021

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Clues Answers
'Absolutely!' YES
'At Last' singer James ETTA
'But . . .' YET
'Candyman' actress Williams VANESSA
'Firstly . . .' ONE
'Great performance!' BRAVO
'How ya ___'?' DOIN
'Not so loud!' SHH
'To All the Boys ___ Loved Before' IVE
'Wow, it's cold!' BRR
'You got it, captain' AYEAYE
'You ___ hear this from me, but . . .' DIDNT
2021 comedy directed by Natalie Morales PLANB
Ad in an awareness campaign PSA
Alphabetical is one ORDER
And so on, for short ETC
Angelou's birth city, for short STL
Animal with its own Instagram, perhaps PET
Apt rhyme for 'wet' SWEAT
Artery from the heart AORTA
Attracted to people of any gender, for short PAN
Backless seat STOOL
Banana's exterior PEEL
Basics ABCS
Berry served na tigela ACAI
Cat's scratcher CLAW
Chi'chil Bildagoteel people APACHE
Cleaning tool in a bucket MOP
Conclusion END
Counterpart of longitude (Abbr.) LAT
Country that uses the pa'anga TONGA
Elaborate theft HEIST
Exploratory spacecraft PROBE
Foamy coffee drink LATTE
Folded dish OMELET
Forest components TREES
Get older AGE
Hashtag for Katie Grogg's clue explanation videos CROSSWORDTOK
Individuals, for short PPL
Clues Answers
Kayak, for example BOAT
Labor WORK
Like the night in an 1889 Van Gogh painting STARRY
Masses of bees SWARMS
Mathematician's proposition THEOREM
Midsection muscles ABS
Mitochondria's place CELL
Mix up the pot STIR
Newfoundland city CORNERBROOK
Not as much LESS
Not throw away KEEP
Oat ___ MILK
One might be used as a four-digit PIN YEAR
One might form outside the bathroom LINE
Paving crew's goo TAR
Penny's worth CENT
Pie ___ mode ALA
Puerto ___ RICO
Residue in a fireplace ASH
Sing really loud BELT
Sitcom title character with a diary MOESHA
Snobbish SNOOTY
Snow monster YETI
Some August births, signwise LEOS
Started to study CRACKEDABOOK
Sweatshirt that might have a drawstring HOODIE
The Preds play in it NHL
Trail walkers HIKERS
Unapt rhyme for 'dry' CRY
Unit of land area ACRE
Valiant HEROIC
Vietnam's capital HANOI
Wasn't truthful LIED
Word before 'sauce' or 'Santa' SECRET
Work as a pilot AVIATE
Write a program CODE
___ diet KETO
___ diet PALEO