USA Today - Sep 19 2021

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Clues Answers
'Awesome!' RAD
'Definitely!' YES
'Everything all right between us?' WECOOL
'Get started!' GOTOIT
'Here's ___ thing . . .' THE
'Jazz' author TONIMORRISON
'King ___' LEAR
'The Hills' actress HEIDIMONTAG
'___ luck?' ANY
A musk ox has a strong one ODOR
A ___ coincidence MERE
Answered sharply RETORTED
Artist of the Month, e.g AWARD
Be very loving DOTE
Beast eaten by the cat in 'Puss in Boots' OGRE
Beets or rice, e.g CROP
Beverage made through top fermentation ALE
Big gulp SWIG
Blow away AWE
Bored with it all JADED
Commercial names BRANDS
Country that celebrates the Muscat Festival OMAN
Crown for a princess TIARA
Dog's snarling sound GRR
Early stage for an app BETA
Elbow poke JAB
Extra NHL periods, for short OTS
Fat in bird feeders SUET
Flashlight light BEAM
Foot strike KICK
Fujian's continent ASIA
Garden in Genesis EDEN
Gave a shock JOLTED
Genre with introspective lyrics EMO
Get progressively narrower TAPER
Get the poker pot started ANTEUP
Hang around LOITER
Heredity units GENES
Hunt for SEEK
Clues Answers
Japanese city home to the Shitenno-ji Temple OSAKA
Kissing in a park, e.g PDA
Leathery-skinned amphibian TOAD
Like 27-Down BREWED
Make beloved ENDEAR
Make stitches SEW
Misses' opposites HITS
Most populous city in Nebraska OMAHA
Movie producer born in 2004 MARSAIMARTIN
Nail artist's layer COAT
Name hidden in 'alias' ALI
Name that's a palindrome ANNA
Not from a big studio INDIE
Not keep it together PANIC
Online b-day greetings ECARDS
Patch applied using heat IRONON
People who celebrate Matariki MAORI
Ping-___ paddle PONG
Popular street food in Trinidad ROTI
Possessed HAD
Present from birth INNATE
Purple berry ACAI
Rice pudding spice NUTMEG
Round objects ORBS
Seaweed-wrapped sushi rolls NORIMAKI
Serious NOJOKE
Shallowest Great Lake ERIE
Signs of joy TEARS
Stir-frying vessel PAN
Take legal action SUE
The D in Iowa's DMU DES
Thrift store label TAG
Time period ERA
What 'Bei' in 'Beijing' means NORTH
When many babies start to crawl AGEONE
Worshipper of Viracocha INCA
___ in a blue moon ONCE
___ Ock (rhyming Marvel nickname) DOC
___-med PRE