USA Today - Sep 9 2021

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Clues Answers
'A Raisin in the Sun' actress Lathan SANAA
'Did I do something wrong?' ISITME
'Electricity' singer ___ Lipa DUA
'Makes sense to me' ISEE
'Sula' author Morrison TONI
'The Bad-___ Librarians of Timbuktu' (2016 book) ASS
'The ___' (Chaucer stories in which the singular 'they' can be found) CANTERBURYTALES
'You need to leave' GETOUT
'___ Us' (game featuring sabotage in space) AMONG
'___ with my little eye . . .' ISPY
'___, sing America' ITOO
A vegan one might have nopales TACO
Actress Mizuno SONOYA
Board game cube DIE
Boundary-pushing EDGY
Bowling feat represented by / SPARE
Bronny James, to LeBron James SON
Called the shots RANPOINT
Canonized people SAINTS
Chocolate-coated cookie THINMINT
Chose to admit ACCEPTED
Continent that's 9% of Earth's surface ASIA
Country singer Brooke EDEN
Curved bones RIBS
Devious plan PLOY
Dog associated with Queen Elizabeth II CORGI
Drizzle or pour RAIN
Event with discounts SALE
Finale END
Fireplace residue SOOT
Fistfuls of cash WADS
Flows back out EBBS
Get mileage out of USE
Get the ball past the goalie SCORE
Get ___ the action INON
Greek letter I IOTA
Group of buffalo HERD
Clues Answers
Hand over CEDE
Hawaiian greeting ALOHA
Healing succulent ALOE
Herbal brew TEA
Ingredient in some purple milk teas TARO
Keep afloat BUOY
Kyoto currency YEN
Make a mistake ERR
Map book ATLAS
Muscat's country OMAN
National 'Get Caught Reading' Month MAY
Nine-digit ID SSN
Not even one NONE
Number that's its own square root ONE
Otherwise ELSE
Person from Ames IOWAN
Personal vibe AURA
Poke bowl tuna AHI
Road trip path ROUTE
RuPaul's rhyming catchphrase for a li-psync winner SHANTAYYOUSTAY
Sabbath, for some SATURDAY
Seasonal mall worker SANTA
Serious stage work DRAMA
Sheets for folding dumplings WONTONWRAPPERS
Shiny fabric SATIN
Simple EASY
Small brown bird WREN
Sporcle enthusiast, perhaps NERD
Sported WORE
Take a nibble of TASTE
Tiny pieces BITS
Two-door car COUPE
Unexciting BLAH
Word after 'palm' or 'money' TREE
Yellowish plant goop RESIN
Yes vote AYE
___ off into the sunset RODE
___ X (makeup of the 2021 cicada swarm) BROOD