USA Today - Sep 8 2021

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Clues Answers
'Check back later' (Abbr.) TBA
'F9' director Justin LIN
'Get on it' ACTFAST
'Gotcha' ISEE
'I couldn't ___ more!' AGREE
'The Nutcracker' girl CLARA
'You just convinced me!' SOLD
Accept the consequences FACETHEMUSIC
Actress Long NIA
Aides for some profs TAS
All-vowel refrain EIEIO
Apt rhyme of 'ledge' EDGE
Barking circus animal SEAL
Beginners ROOKIES
Big fish ___ small pond INA
Change the color of DYE
Cheese coated in red wax EDAM
Conservationist Irwin TERRI
Cookie launched in China in 1996 OREO
Crimson and cerise REDS
Currently occupied INUSE
Curved foot part ARCH
Did some weeding HOED
Didn't assume ASKED
Emotional distress ANGUISH
Enjoy completely SAVOR
Excursion where you might see a lion SAFARI
Experiencing little to no romantic attraction, for short ARO
Fabric-eating insect MOTH
Fall behind LAG
Floor-washing tool MOP
Fruit that might be in naengmyeon PEAR
Fruit that resembles a plantain BANANA
Get a board game to the table PLAY
Gorillas and gibbons APES
Is the most outrageous TAKESTHECAKE
It might just be a mirage OASIS
Korean automaker KIA
Clues Answers
Layered Italian dish LASAGNA
Lines on a city map STREETS
Lip balm brand EOS
Lost traction SLID
Male duck DRAKE
Miner's find ORE
Most consumed drink in the world TEA
Nailed ACED
Name hidden in 'applesauce' ESAU
Not fresh OLD
Nutrient that shellfish is high in IRON
Opposite of general SPECIFIC
Pale ingredient in a Black and Tan cocktail ALE
Paper deliverer's assignment ROUTE
Participated in a 10K RAN
Polynesian carving TIKI
Railroad vehicle TRAIN
Scolding syllables TSKS
Shopper's destination STORE
Skin care product SERUM
Slices of history ERAS
Soccer move named for a cutting tool SCISSORKICK
Song for two DUET
State sport of Texas RODEO
Successors HEIRS
Suffix for 'host' and 'priest' ESS
The band TLC, e.g TRIO
The Golden State, casually CALI
Traffic sign in the Rockies ELKCROSSING
Typical 'Paw Patrol' watcher TOT
Very slight MINIMAL
What a house is currently worth MARKETVALUE
Word before 'bunny' or 'jacket' DUST
Word before 'vault' or 'dance' POLE
Workplaces for some orderlies ERS
Write together COAUTHOR
Writer Lolis Eric ___ ELIE
___-Caps SNO