USA Today - Sep 14 2021

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Clues Answers
'Crazy Rich [47-Across]' actress Carmen SOO
'Furthermore . . .' ALSO
'Me Day' place SPA
'True to the Game' author Woods TERI
'What ___ is new?' ELSE
'Without further ___ . . .' ADO
'___ Go My Own Way' (Efron/Hudgens duet) GOTTA
'___ Prom' (Olivia Rodrigo concert film) SOUR
'___ Unfortunate Souls' (solo for Ursula) POOR
Alphabetically first Great Lake ERIE
Amazingly fun time BLAST
Athlete Phillips ERIN
Bathroom in Bloomsbury LOO
Blackpink genre KPOP
Browsed on Grindr SWIPED
Celeb STAR
City known for gooey butter cake (Abbr.) STL
Civil rights icon Septima CLARK
Class with long division MATH
Cotton swabs QTIPS
Creature that squirts ink SQUID
Design detail, for short SPEC
Edible part of okra POD
Eeyou Istchee people CREE
Extremely high-grade SUPERIORQUALITY
Eyelid issue STYE
Fallopian ___ TUBES
Fellow, for short GENT
Film declared 'Rotten' on Rotten Tomatoes, perhaps FLOP
Fish that are mostly nocturnal EELS
Get a whiff of SMELL
Greek vowels IOTAS
Greenhouse gas concerns EMISSIONS
Has some pad thai, e.g EATS
Helpers AIDES
Hoops league NBA
Like a best-case scenario IDEAL
Location SITE
Clues Answers
Moved sneakily CREPT
Movie director's attempts TAKES
Name that's an anagram of a food staple ERIC
Nintendo console WII
Nonstarter NOGO
Not supporting ANTI
Omelet ingredients EGGS
Phoenix hoops team SUNS
Physicians, informally DOCS
Pi Day's month (Abbr.) MAR
Piece of a timeline ERA
Posh tie ASCOT
Possessive pronoun HERS
Really bad AWFUL
Redundant ending for 'most' EST
Restrict LIMIT
Rhyming partner of gloom DOOM
River in Hades STYX
Say a prayer over BLESS
Screenplay segment SCENE
Seat at a counter STOOL
See 45-Across ASIANS
Shade of gray ASH
Sing like Mason Ramsey YODEL
Singer Simone NINA
Sound of an air kiss MWAH
Spanish for 'one' UNO
Swim, swam, ___ SWUM
Thing to talk about TOPIC
Tick off RILE
Very long poems EPICS
Warm layer for cold weather GOOSEDOWNJACKET
What Marcie calls Peppermint Patty SIR
Word before 'black' or 'pack' JET
Words said before saying what someone said ANDIQUOTE
www.navajotech.___ EDU
___ ed SEX
___ Nas X LIL